Airtable joins the trend: AI arrives to summarize content and organize data

AI as a system that summarizes content continues to land on more platforms.

Airtable joins the trend: AI arrives to summarize content and organize data
Daniel García

Daniel García

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Artificial Intelligence continues to expand in the digital world, and gradually reaches more services. Airtable, a product focused on cloud storage and database collection services, has actually decided to implement an AI system that organizes data and summarizes content to make life easier for users who use their service.

In many cases, Artificial Intelligence can have many controversial nuances for clear reasons, such as the job instability created by generative text AI, or the quickly spread crimes and hoaxes with fake images, deepfakes or fake news. However, when AI is dedicated to having an organizational use in this sense, it becomes a genuinely useful tool that does not work to the detriment of other people.

The AI that makes your search work easier

As explained by Airtable on their own website, this new feature, powered by Artificial Intelligence, and available to paid users of this platform, will allow for more precise content searches, and additional services such as the AI itself, acting as a chatbot, creating summaries or lists based on the commands provided by the user to the system.

This is not the first brand to apply AI in this way to its services. Airtable has done a job that many users will appreciate, but for example, Microsoft has been offering 365 subscription users the possibility to summarize message content, and even conference meetings in Teams, through Copilot for months, something that allows workers to improve their productivity by reducing the necessary time for communications through Microsoft Teams.

New discord, the ecological impact

There may be voices in favor and against the rise of Artificial Intelligence, and they all may have more or less reasonable reasons, but there is also a completely irrefutable reality, and that is that Artificial Intelligence consumes huge amounts of energy, and in fact, its energy consumption is extremely disproportionate compared to the service it offers, both in terms of energy for its operation and the millions of liters of water that are used to cool these systems.

For that reason, Microsoft carried out a project in which, by developing a more moderate-sized and energy-efficient AI, it can make Artificial Intelligence services have a more sustainable nature. That is one of the main objectives of this market in the short term, since the demand for this type of services, which has grown by leaps and bounds, still does not correspond to the expected energy consumption.

Daniel García

Daniel García

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