Alice in Borderland confirms its third season… but how can the Netflix series continue?

Netflix faces a very difficult challenge with the third season of the series.

Alice in Borderland confirms its third season… but how can the Netflix series continue?
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

Alice in Borderland is one of Netflix‘s most successful series. Before Squid Game made deadly games trendy, this Japanese fiction had already turned this surprising premise into a global hit, and its second season made it clear that we were dealing with a top-notch series. Its conclusion, however, made it clear that the original story had ended… or had it?


As announced by Netflix, Alice in Borderland will have a third season. It has been made official through a teaser revealed by Minyoung Kim, Vice President of Content at Netflix in Asia, and it undoubtedly promises to make a huge change that will catch us all off guard… because there’s no other choice left.

Another season filled with twists

As we told you a few months ago, the ending of Alice in Borderland introduced the phenomenon known as shared dreams. After all, it is revealed that what happened in this series is that, following the brutal impact of a meteorite in Shibuya, the citizens of the area fall into a coma that makes them dream of the deadly games we witnessed. Those who die in these games die in real life… those who survive manage to wake up eventually.

But how can the series continue after this seemingly perfect ending? It all seems to hinge on the post-credits scene we saw in the series, where the Joker’s card appeared as the culmination of the entire deck we had seen before. We don’t know how it will continue, and in reality, in the comics, it concludes there, so we don’t have any clues… but we have a slight idea of what might happen.

One last big game

Now, there’s only one card left to play in Alice in Borderland, and that card is the Joker. Perhaps what we saw in the last episode is real or not; it’s just part of one last big game where someone known as The Joker will be behind it all. This could turn everything we know about the series upside down… and provide one last major plot twist.

However, this ending is very, very risky. We all seemed to agree that the ending of Alice in Borderland Season 2 was perfect, so stretching the series in this way could be bad… or it could be a stroke of genius, as they have already accustomed us to. Either way, we eagerly await to find out.

Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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