Stay Entertained This June: New Shows and Movies on Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, and Prime Video

The best time of the month is here: premieres coming to streaming platforms

Stay Entertained This June: New Shows and Movies on Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, and Prime Video
Chema Carvajal Sarabia

Chema Carvajal Sarabia

If you’re a film and series lover, you’re in luck. If you have subscribed to one (or several) of the major streaming services, the joy is twofold, as a bunch of premieres are coming to your TV this month of June.


Without further ado, since this post is going to be long and full of news, let’s dive into the main highlights coming to Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, and Disney+, the four major streaming platforms of today.

Movie and series premieres on HBO Max

The idol (June 5)

It is currently the lowest-rated series on HBO, and its premiere at the Cannes Festival was not without controversy. Lily-Rose Depp and The Weeknd come under the direction of Sam Levinson to tell the story of a Los Angeles club owner who hides a dangerous cult behind the doors of the venue.

And Just Like That (June 22)

There are several loose ends that the first season of “And Just Like That” left unresolved. Perhaps the most important one is the relationship between Miranda and Che. After an introduction to family and friends, Díaz announced that she was moving to Los Angeles to develop her own comedy series.

The lawyer then decided to pack her bags with her new love. Carrie will also have to navigate her new relationship, and Charlotte will have to confront her daughter’s identity as a rock musician.

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Amazon Prime Video

My fault (June 8)

Nicole Wallace and Gabriel Guevara come under the direction of Domingo González to tell the story of Noah and Nick, two stepbrothers destined to understand each other. Based on the novel by Mercedes Ron, this feature film is only suitable for lovers of implausible love stories.

Dating Barcelona (June 13)

Laia Costa, Belén Cuesta, Carmen Machi, Carlos Cuevas, and Pablo Rivero are some of the protagonists of this new season of “Citas” directed by Pau Freixas. Interconnected love stories that take place in the city of Barcelona.



Valeria (June 2)

The third and final season of “Valeria” arrives on Netflix to wrap up all the storylines left open by its predecessors. Valeria is now a successful author and is living her love story in silence, but she struggles not to sabotage it. Nerea, Lola, and Carmen, her friends, will be there to support her.

Arnold (June 7)

One of the documentaries that promises to generate a lot of buzz in June on Netflix is “Arnold,” a retrospective on one of the most influential figures in Hollywood over the past four decades. From bodybuilder to actor to politician, Schwarzenegger’s life deserves to be told.

Never Have I Ever (June 8)

Another series coming to an end on Netflix is “Never Have I Ever.” The fourth installment will conclude one of the most acclaimed teen productions on the platform. Maitreyi Ramakrishnan will reprise her role as Devi in her final year before heading off to college.

Extraction 2 (June 16)

Chris Hemsworth returns to lead this action franchise, one of Netflix’s most popular. In this installment, agent Tyler Rake will have to help the family of a mobster escape from prison.

Al otro lado del mar (June 23)

This new film does not follow the structure of Ariana Godoy’s Trilogy of the Hidalgo Brothers books, although the author has actively participated in writing the dialogues.

It is a completely new story that continues to explore the relationship between Raquel and Ares. The protagonists face more than one challenge in their relationship.

Black Mirror (no exact date)

The sixth season of Black Mirror will have more episodes than the fifth season, which only had three episodes, and will explore new dystopian (or not so dystopian) realities.

Some scenes have been filmed in Málaga, while others were shot in a luxury house in L’Eliana, a town in Valencia. After a season dedicated to comedy, Charlie Brooker is now returning to horror.



Avatar: The Way of Water (June 7)

The second installment of James Cameron’s marine saga was one of the highest-grossing films of last year. It features underwater adventures with an ecological backdrop.

Flamin’ Hot: The Story of Spicy Cheetos (June 8)

Eva Longoria directs her first film to tell the story of Richard Montañez, the Hispanic janitor who created the snacks that give their name to this feature film.

Secret Invasion (June 21)

Emily Clarke and Samuel L. Jackson are the protagonists of the new Marvel series. Those who are familiar with the movements of this universe will know that the films have already shown the beginnings of an invasion that Nick Fury, Jackson’s character, will have to stop.

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