Amazing photos with HDR imaging

HDR photo by ValpopandoSummer holiday is a great moment to take photos, not only to have future memories of trips, parties and other summer activities, but also to enjoy photography as a hobby. Digital cameras and a large amount of image editing software tools make photo manipulation more and more popular these days, as many people find it an artistic way to express their feelings.

A well-known method to obtain breathtaking results is the so-called HDR, which stands for High Dynamic Range. This photo technique consists on taking several pictures of the same spot, but with different exposure values, and then blending them together so that all areas in the image are perfectly exposed. The resultant image usually shows great luminosity and eye-catching colors, although this obviously depends on the photographer’s skill.

There are many websites to learn more about HDR. Take a look for example at this tutorial on how to merge HDR images in Photoshop. Apart from Adobe’s big shot, There are other imaging apps devoted to HDR, such as Artizen, Photomatix (here’s another tutorial for this particular tool) or Qtpfsgui.

Bear in mind that HDR takes time and lots of experimentation to produce good results, but if you need some encouragement, take a look at what you would be able to create.

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