An online toothbrush? The Internet of Things is here

An online toothbrush? The Internet of Things is here

It won’t be long until you are completely exhausted of hearing about the Internet of Things. But there is no escape: the world is approaching a moment when nearly everything around us will be interconnected – be it at home or on the street. All consuming your bandwidth, of course.

One of the latest developments in the world of connected devices is a toothbrush. Presented by Oral-B at the 2016 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Oral-B Genius is an intelligent brush that makes sure your dental hygiene routine is up to scratch. It isn’t set to be released until this July, but you can see it in action in the below video and on their official website.

Trouble seeing the video? Click here.

Oral-B Genius uses its own accelerometer, and your smartphones camera, to help you improve your brushing. We all tend to brush our teeth below the recommended two minutes, and regularly do not distribute our brushing evenly – such as right-handed people regularly under brushing the right of their mouth. Oral-B Genius aims to help with this, even giving us the ability to share a report of our hygiene habits with our dentist to give us advice on what we are doing wrong.

Oral-B Genius includes a challenge mode to gamify the process. This turns off the feedback, having you brush your teeth “blind” – you know, like you do now. Once you finish a challenge, the app offers you feedback on your performance and gives you a score.

It’s an interesting bit of tech, and it certainly seemed to work well, but I am not sure that it is entirely necessary. Still, that might be because it isn’t totally aimed at me, with a large part of its design being for markets where regular health checks are less common.

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