Android 5.1 released, now for the waiting game

Android 5.1 released, now for the waiting game

While Android users were either watching or ignoring today’s Apple Watch reveal, Google quietly released Android 5.1. Even though Google is jumping from Android 5.0.2 to Android 5.1, it’s not a huge jump in features but more for “stability and performance.” There are some features that people will like though.
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Multiple SIM support

Some Android phones have two SIM slots. This lets frequent travelers use a domestic and international SIM without having to manually remove and install a new SIM. Android 5.1 natively supports multiple SIM cards on these devices.

Device Protection

If your device is lost or stolen, it will remain locked until you sign in with your Google account. Even if someone factory resets the device, it will still require a sign in before unlocking your phone.

The feature will be available on phones and tablets shipped with Android 5.1 and the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9. If you have an older device, you can use Android Device Manager.

High Definition voice calling

This is limited to few devices and Google was quick to highlight the Nexus 6 on T-Mobile or Verizon (who still doesn’t have the phone). Ideally call quality is better.

Miscellaneous fixes

Quick Settings gets an update to let you join Wi-Fi networks and control Bluetooth paired devices from the menu.

Google highlighted the biggest features, but more people will be looking for information about the system improvements. Hopefully there’s better optimization for the battery and speed of the OS overall.

We’ll let you know how it works once the update hits our devices. While you wait, watch this new Android Wear commercial released right before Apple’s event.

Source: Official Android Blog

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