Another malware, Octo, is causing havoc for Android users

Another malware, Octo, is causing havoc for Android users
Leri Koen

Leri Koen

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Another day, another malware threat. We just can’t escape from the constant threat of malware masquerading as useful apps. It seems that lately, all we hear about is new forms of malware spreading through the Google Play Store. Now, there’s another one loose, and this one can cause a lot of damage.

Octo is a nasty piece of malware that’s designed to let criminals take control of your mobile device. It only affects Android devices and is based on a previous malware threat called ExoCompact. The newest malware threat, Octo, was discovered by security researchers at ThreatFabric. It was discovered when the researchers noticed users looking to buy the malware on the darknet.

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One of the things that makes Octo a significant threat is its advanced remote access capabilities. This means that the criminals can quickly gain remote access to your device. The malware also features advanced camouflage abilities and hides its activities on your device behind a black screen overlay. Furthermore, the malware will also set the brightness of your device to zero and disable notifications. This way, the criminals can do whatever they want on your phone, and to you, it looks and appears that your phone is switched off.

This also isn’t the only scary feature of the malware. Octo also includes a keylogger, which criminals can use to collect sensitive user data such as personal details, passwords, and even banking information. The malware can also block push notifications, intercept SMS messages, disable sound and notifications, lock the home screen, launch apps, start remote access sessions, and send messages.

The apps that have been identified as the disguises for this malware are as follows:

  •  Pocket Screencaster 
  •  Fast Cleaner 2021 
  •  Play Store 
  •  Postbank Security
  •  Pocket Screencaster 
  •  BAWAG PSK Security
  •  Play Store app install 

To stay safe, carefully consider each app before installing it; read the reviews and look at the rating. Finally, make sure that your Google Protect is active. While it doesn’t always stop the spread of malware, it’s an essential tool with many security benefits.

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We wonder if Google Play will be increasing their security checks of apps before allowing them on the app store following the increase of recent Android malware. Please remember to watch what you download and stream. You can check our guide on how to remain safe online.

Leri Koen

Leri Koen

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