Apex Legends: Introducing Wattson

Wattson has just been officially inducted into the Apex Legends roster, and Respawn has revealed her accompanying set of new abilities, as well as a backstory for the character. The brilliant daughter of the Apex Game’s lead electrical engineer, Wattson is a promising, talented, and enterprising young woman with a mind for tech and a talent for battle. Her abilities mostly involve area control, defense, and mobility prevention, making her a viable alternative to the typical run-and-gun style of play in Apex Legends. Check out the full details below:

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Who is Wattson?

Wattson’s real name is Natalie Paquette, a French woman who discovered her talent for electrical engineering at a young age. An avid reader on the subject, her skill earned her commission to build King’s Canyon’s Modified Containment Ring. While lighthearted and carefree, Wattson also exhibited a laser-focused attention to detail when working, and is passionate about electricity for its ordered, predictable flow.

Sadly, her father died the day the Modified Containment Ring was revealed, but Wattson soon found solace in a group of competitors who invited her to battle in the arena. King’s Canyon is her new home, and she is a valuable asset to any team with her dazzling tech abilities. What kind of abilities? Let’s take a look:

Apex Legends Wattson
Check out Wattson’s full character description here on EA’s site

Wattson abilities

Apex Legends Wattson Abilities

Wattson’s role as a Legend is mostly support, providing faster shield recharges, tactical information, and powerful defensive barriers that fluidly work in tandem with pretty much any other Legend on the field (but especially Caustic). Her tactical ability sets a node that connects to form an electrified fence. While it’s not subtle, it can cover a wide area, and alerts both Wattson and her team to any incoming enemy teams. These players are also slowed and receive light damage, making the decision to enter Wattson’s zone of control a weighted one.

Apex Legends Wattson Perimeter Security
Wattson sets up an electrified perimeter to debuff, damage, and ping hostiles.

Wattson’s Ultimate is Interception Pylon, which can outright nullify and destroy enemy projectiles that come within a set radius. This provides great cover (especially when paired with a friendly Gibraltar or Bangalore) to recharge your shields, heal or revive teammates, loot player boxes, or even just re-position for a stronger offensive. Wattson’s Spark of Genius passive also grants a strong synergy between her other abilities, allowing for more frequent use of her tactical, and even fully recharging Interception Pylon after a single Ultimate Accelerant.

How to play Wattson

The strategy with Wattson is to keep your teammates alive with good tactical input, stockpile on Ultimate Accelerants so that you’ll be easily and reliably defended in the late game, and use her Perimeter Security to zone enemy teams and discourage enemy positioning. Like we mentioned before, she pairs especially well with Caustic in the late game, since their defensive tactical abilities stack when trying to control a structure or territory. Make the enemy come to you, then ambush them from a powerful vantage point.

Wattson will be available on July 2 to kick off the second season of Apex Legends with a jolt. Does she sound like a Legend you’ll want to try? Or are you better off unlocking Mirage, Octane, or Caustic first?

Let us know in the comments below if you plan on giving Wattson a shot, and we’ll catch you online!

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