App of the Week: Google Photos

App of the Week: Google Photos

Softonic’s App of the Week highlights some of the coolest and most popular apps. With that in mind, this week we are casting our discerning eye over Google Photos – the new standalone evolution of Google+ Photos.

At its most basic level, Google Photos is a photo gallery viewer – but it is packed full of useful features that make it nearly indispensable.

Take any picture with your phone and it will be uploaded and synced with your Google Photos’ cloud account – best of all, you have unlimited cloud storage, so you can take snap shots until your thumb is sore. You can then view all of your pictures from any Android, iOS, or browser that is connected to your account.

There are also a huge suit of editing features. While these can be accessed manually, it was the automated Assistant that really stunned us. This generates improved photos, stories, and .gifs from your saved images, using similarities in the pictures, and information about the date and location from when the photo was taken. You can then save these suggestions, edit them, or just choose to discard them on those rare occasions Google Photos doesn’t quite hit the mark.

Oh, and of course being Google, sharing all of these creations is simple.

Google Photos is the most complete solution to bring order to your 1000s of photos. It’s not surprising that its our choice for App of the Week.

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