App of the Week: Tysdo

App of the Week: Tysdo

Softonic’s App of the Week highlights some of the coolest and most popular apps. This episode features Tysdo, the app for Android and iOS that helps you start ticking things off your bucket list.

Ever wondered how to start trying to achieve those dreams of yours? Well, Tysdo is here to help. It is designed to connect you to a network of similarly aspirational dreamers. Logging in, you can add people from your contacts, Facebook account, or any of the app’s users around the world. Then, you can start drawing on their knowledge and experience to reach your goals.

Perhaps you want to skydive, see the Mona Lisa, or learn to program. Well, adding all of these to one of your lists allows users from all over the planet to rate them out of five to help you prioritize where to start. More importantly, these people are also able to offer tips on how to achieve them.

Plus, those of you who have already achieved the ambition of getting an Apple Watch will be pleased to hear that Tysdo offers a companion app to let you manage your ambitions from your wrist.

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