Apple kills iOS games: you can’t play them even if you want to

Apple kills iOS games: you can’t play them even if you want to

iOS 11, the new operating system for iPhone and iPad now has a new publicly available beta version, which brings us closer to the final version launch that is expected for September/October of this year. iOS 11 has many new features, including no longer supporting 32-bit apps, which will be the final blow for some apps, especially games.

In general, apps are updated and become 64-bit but for games, especially older ones in the App Store, many will simply get the axe. The result? If you have an iPhone or iPad and you update it, you won’t be able to play many of your favorite games.

This measure won’t affect most free online games or Clash Royale-style freemium games, but rather premium games. The that have higher price tags because they’re made to higher standards are the ones facing the chop. We’re not sorry to lose some of the games that will no longer be compatible but there are also a few legendary titles like Infinity Blade, the many LEGO saga titles, the first Xcom and the Doom saga titles.

In short, if you’re an iOS users who has invested money in games for your iPhone or iPad maybe you should think twice before clocking update next time around.

Thanks to Touch Arcade, we’ve got the first list of incompatible games. How many of them do you have?

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