Apps are being removed from the Google Play Store for being better than they should be

Fenix” – an unofficial application that improves Twitter’s official app, has been removed from the Google Play Store, making it now impossible to download “officially”. But there’s more – even if you do get to download the app using other sources (which of course, we don’t recommend), you won’t be able to register as a new user. Fenix’s develoeprs are now only able to update the app for its thousands of existing users. The question is: Is it actually worth it?

The reason for its disappearance is obvious – Twitter realized that non-official applications had a considerably higher amount of users than Twitter itself. Twitter eventually got to the stage where it had to start limiting the number of users that were accessing twitter through third-party apps, which of course, is not a great sign.

With a limited number of users with no chance of future growth, applications such as Fenix will find it extremely difficult to justify their long-term plans.

What will be the next application to suffer this cruel fate?

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