Top 5 apps to simplify your life

Top 5 apps to simplify your life
Madison Brown

Madison Brown

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Looking for a simpler life? We’ve compiled a list of apps that will help you cut out the extra things that you don’t need, streamline productivity, and move toward a less stressful year.


Top 5 apps for minimalists

1. Amount Plus

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This is an app that everyone needs. Amount is a conversion app that you can whip out when you’re having a brain fart. The best part is that you can make shortcuts on the homepage for the conversions you use most. You can have your currency converter, European shoe size to American shoe size, and ounces to cups all in the same place. Toggle from day to night mode to make it easier on your eyes. Amount Plus comes in at only $0.99, so it’s definitely worth having. Available for iOS. 

Amount Plus - Unit Converter Download Now ►

2. MinimaList

The most simple app for tasks that you’ll ever have. As soon as you open it, you’ll see only five steps you’ll need to navigate the app:

MinimaList screenshot

Create a task, mark when it’s finished, and delete it when it’s done and you want to make room for another task if you’d like. Add lists of tasks for today, tomorrow, and next week. You can even add a timer in focus mode so you don’t end up doing more than one thing at a time. For $2.99, you can get a lifetime upgrade and choose another font out of 8, or change the background color. Available for iOS.

MinimaList – To Do List, Reminder & Task Manager Download Free ►

3. Feedly

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Stay in the loop without having to go open a lot of apps or visit a ton of websites. Feedly helps you concentrate your news sources into a few (or just one) customizable feeds, separated by industries like tech or politics. Name your ‘Comic’ feed, select from the variety of your favorite websites or apps for online comics, and add them to the feed. Every time you refresh it’ll show you what’s new with the sources that you chose. If you’re on the go but see something you’d like to read, save it to your ‘read later’ list. With the $8 per month upgrade, you can unlock features like unlimited feeds and Google keyword alerts. Media can be overwhelming, but with Feedly, it won’t be. Available for iOS and Android.

Feedly Reader Download Free ►

4. NoWaste

NoWaste screenshot

If you have issues remembering to eat food before it goes bad, NoWaste is a must have. Start by choosing the ingredients that you have in your pantry, fridge or freezer, then customize them by weight or amount. The app will automatically display how long the food will last before it spoils, so when you’re putting away your groceries, make sure to add them to the app. Every few days you can check and see which foods you should whip up into a meal so you don’t waste them. A lifetime upgrade is $5.99 and you can set expiration alerts, and create a meal plan so your family will keep their paws off of the shrimp that you’re using for dinner tonight. Available for iOS.

NoWaste - Food Inventory List Download Free ►

5. Minimalism Amino

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Amino is an app for groups, and the Minimalism Amino is a group where you can chat with other minimalists on all things minimalism. Contribute to the conversations already created, or make your own chatroom within the group. This is a great place if you’re just starting your minimalist journey, or if you’re wondering about a better way to cut down on something. Join challenges to see how well you can do with food waste in 30 days, or reach out to a minimalism veteran if you’re feeling stuck or have fallen off the wagon. Available for iOS and Android.

Minimalism Amino Download Free ►

Making things more simple by cutting out some of the things that you think are necessities can be difficult, but try out a few of our suggestions and we can promise that you’ll be walking down the path to decluttering your space and your mind in no time.

Madison Brown

Madison Brown

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