Are you addicted to Google?

Are you addicted to Google?

Google is celebrating 15 years as the most popular search engine, which led us to ask ourselves, have we become addicted to Google? We’ve created a fun test so that you can see for yourself. Answer truthfully, record your answers and find out your score at the end!

1. Besides Google, what other search engines have you used this month?

  • a) There other search engines besides Google?
  • b) I use both Google and Bing
  • c) I use mostly Bing or another search engine
  • d) Honestly, I hardly use Google

2. Your primary email account is…

3. Before going to a restaurant…

  • a) I search for it using Google, look for the address using Google Maps, get a Street View of the place and map out the entire route there. I also look at the Google reviews given by other visitors.
  • b) I search Google to find the restaurant’s website and make reservations
  • c) I look up the phone number of the place online and call up to make reservations
  • d) I go directly to the restaurant

4. Searching for something on the internet is…

  • a) Googling
  • b) Searching Google
  • c) Searching the internet
  • d) A waste of time. I prefer the yellow pages

5. My phone is a…

  • a) Google Nexus-branded smartphone
  • b) Android phone by another manufacturer
  • c) iOS or Windows Phone
  • d) Other

6. If I don’t find what I want on a page…

  • a) I go to and search there
  • b) I go back to Google and search for what interests me, clicking on different links
  • c) I use the search field included in the page I am visiting
  • d) I give up and try again later when I have more time

7. If I want to know what the weather will be like tomorrow…

  • a) I search “weather in my city” using Google
  • b) I look for weather information from other websites by searching in Google
  • c) I go to my favorite weather or news website to get weather info
  • d) I look out the window and see what the weather looks like

8. Which cloud storage service do you store your documents in?

9. Do you have Google search history enabled?

  • a) Of course! I want to be able to review everything I’ve previously searched
  • b) No, I don’t know why I would need it
  • c) I had no idea this existed
  • d) Google, the less you know me, the better!

10. If Google ceased to exist tomorrow…

  • a) Half of my life would go away: contacts, photos, emails, documents…
  • b) It would bother me a lot but I could survive using other search engines
  • c) It’s okay, I still have Bing
  • d) I would receive a lesson in humility

11. Your favorite social network is…

12. When you do a search and don’t see results on the first page…

  • a) I refine the search with quotes, operators (AND, OR…) and domain filters (site:)
  • b) I refine the search with quotes
  • c) I try other combinations of words
  • d) I go to page two, and three, and four, and five…

13. Before making a purchase on the internet…

  • a) I consult Google’s opinion of the store and look for cheaper stores in Google
  • b) I do a quick search to see if it’s cheaper elsewhere
  • c) I use other price comparison engines like Yahoo! or Bing
  • d) I prefer to go to into actual stores

14. Watching a series, an actor looks familiar but you can’t remember his name. What do you do?

  • a) I immediately launch Google on my smartphone and search for information
  • b) I open the IMDB app and search for information
  • c) I look him up later when I finish the series
  • d) I say “never mind, I’ll remember them sooner or later”

15. If you need to know what 10% of $150 Australian dollars is in USD…

  • a) I type in Google “10% of 150 AUD in dollars”
  • b) I type in Google “150 AUD to dollars” and then calculate 10% of that using the calculator
  • c) I search Google for a currency converter and then use a calculator
  • d) I check the exchange rate for Australian dollars and calculate it myself


To determine your level of addiction to Google, we use a simple point system:

  • For each A answer: add 10 points
  • For each B answer: add 7 points
  • For each C answer: add 4 points
  • For each D answer: add 1 point

You got it? Now calculate your score.


Over 140 points: You’re totally hooked on Google

You can’t imagine life without Google. It’s such a part of your life that, if it ceased to exist, you’d feel empty and would go through withdrawal. You basically use it for everything, and love it. For you, there are other search engines, but you like to use the rest of the Google services, from Gmail to MapsDrive, Chrome, or Calendar.

Between 100 and 140 points: You’re almost an addict

You’re considering entering the Betty Ford Center. You’re aware of other search engines, but rarely use them. You use many Google applications like Gmail, Chrome, and Maps, but only because they work better than the competition. In other cases, you prefer services from other companies such as Facebook or Dropbox.

Between 50 and 100 points: To you, Google is just a tool

You could take it or leave it. You acknowledge that Google search is effective, fast, and very useful, but so is Bing, or whatever other search engine is put in front of you. You prefer to avoid Google applications whenever possible, because you don’t like the idea that you’re giving so much personal data to a single company.

Less than 50 points: You secretly hate Google

With this score, you can rest easy: you’re definitely not addicted to Google. More than that, you don’t care about Google and avoid using it whenever possible. New technologies aren’t that important to you and Google is just a search engine you occasionally use.

Are you addicted to Google?

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