Joaquin Phoenix Pushes Boundaries in ‘Beau is Afraid’: Early Reviews Hail His Insane and Captivating Performance

"The anti-Everything Everywhere All at Once"

Joaquin Phoenix Pushes Boundaries in ‘Beau is Afraid’: Early Reviews Hail His Insane and Captivating Performance
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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A24 is the studio in vogue in Hollywood, and you only have to look at the latest Oscars to see that. It is the independent studio behind Everything Everywhere All at Once, The Whale or The Lighthouse. And it is also the studio that gave wings to the career of Ari Aster, the trendy horror director who frightened the world with Hereditary and Midsommar.

For his third film Ari Aster has cast Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role. The director presented a trailer last January for Beau is Afraid, the film with which he wants to finish his career as a recognized director. Of course, it was clear from the trailer that it was going to be a very special project… and now it seems to have been confirmed.

What does the critic of Beau is Afraid say?

After the first press screenings and premieres of the film, the first reviews of Beau is Afraid have already emerged. The film has 71% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, a not insignificant number if we take into account that the horror genre is the least rated on the review aggregator.

There is a bit of everything among the reviews, although everyone seems to agree that Joaquin Phoenix plays a masterful role. Below, we leave you with some of the early reactions to Beau is Afraid:

“Proof that, while we seemed to have overreacted in the first instance to Ari Aster, we were right.”- The Daily Beast

“It’s delusional. The Oscar winner’s evil twin: the anti-everything-everywhere-all-at-once.”- Rolling Stone

“It’s a gonzo odyssey for our time, a rejection of mediocre cinema and a paean to all the perverted weirdos out there. This movie is for you sickos“- Inverse

“Clocking in at over three hours, Beau Is Afraid is a colossal recovered memoir of simulated oedipal agony that is scary, boring and saddening“- The Guardian

“There is a clear factual story in Beau is Afraid, but also a metaphor that can provoke analysis and conversation long after the three-hour epic”- UPI

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