Beginner’s guide to Hollow Knight

Often compared to Dark Souls in terms of difficulty and atmosphere, Hollow Knight is a 2D Metroidvania with an expansive world and story. This game can be as addicting as it is difficult, with a large focus on trial and error for the first half of the game. While you’re sure to still experience some deaths while learning this game, below are some tips to help you get off to a good start.

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Beginner’s guide to Hollow Knight

Focus on melee combat at the start

Hollow Knight

When you first start the game, your magic abilities are pretty limited. You’ll want to save your energy to heal most of the time. As such, mastering melee combat is key to success in Hollow Knight. Slashing downward with your nail from the air is an effective early combo that can handle most creatures and even some bosses without much trouble. Later in game, you’ll obtain offensive magic spells which can decimate enemies. But even when using these you will want to weave in melee attacks whenever possible.

Buy and upgrade maps early

Hollow Knight Mapmaker

Whenever you enter a new area, you’ll want to find the map vendor as soon as possible. Maps are cheap and incredibly valuable, since you won’t know where you are without them. Along with this, you should purchase pins to upgrade your maps, so that you know where important locations are, and the map will expand on its own. The most important upgrades are the compass Charm, and the quill pin. This will let you see where you are on the map, while also allowing your map to automatically update whenever you use a bench.

Customize the Knight to fit your playstyle

Hollow Knight Charms

The first few Charms you obtain seem to only affect a small portion of gameplay. However, as you start to gain more Charms and notches, you’ll soon realize how drastically different some of these cause the game to be. Since you have a limited number of notches, you’ll have to choose your Charms carefully. Play around with different Charms and see what works best for you. Many of the Charms work together, and can even build off each other.

Don’t be afraid to backtrack

Hollow Knight Stag

This game is primarily about exploration, especially at the beginning when you haven’t ventured anywhere yet. However, as you find more bugs, the original town will start to obtain more vendors. You should go back to these to upgrade your map, and get new charms. Eventually, you will find Stag stations that will let you fast travel between different areas. These are incredibly useful, so make sure to spend the Geo to unlock them.

Use benches whenever possible

Hollow Knight bench

Benches serve three primary purposes in this game. They are checkpoints for you to come back to when you die, they update your map if you have obtained the quill, and they allow you to equip and unequip your Charms. Each of these is useful in their own way, and you should be using benches frequently to reset your checkpoint and update your map.

Return to where you die

Hollow Knight Shadow

No matter how safe you play, there will be some point in the game where you die. And that’s okay. If you return to your place of death, you can get back whatever items or money you’ve lost in death, by fighting your shadow. Don’t let your guard down though, you can still die to your spirit.

Hopefully, with these in mind, you’re able to travel through the Hallownest without much worry. Also if you’re interested in more games like Hollow Knight, be sure to check out our Softonic Solutions page where we’ve listed a variety of similar games.


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