Top online services for influencers

Top online services for influencers
Trevor Hutchins

Trevor Hutchins

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What does the term “influencer” make you think of?


Technically, influencers are those who convince others to try a product by voicing their opinion.

However, modern social media influencers go above and beyond by putting the definition into action. They use an online presence to guide followers with product and service reviews while businesses offer free products as a marketing tactic. It’s a potential win-win-win situation.

If you’re trying to break into the world of influence and discover your crowd, or if you already have the platform and want to extend your reach, we have a few tools that might help!

They are our…

Top influencer services



Rep, an iOS exclusive, performs exactly what one might expect from an influencer app. It helps users connect with brands and other influencers for collaboration.

The app works directly with Instagram, so be prepared to sign in with your information and link an account. From there, you can choose your main area of expertise, whether that be fashion, gaming, pets, etc.

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After that, scroll through the main page (which is designed like Instagram’s interface for ease of use) and check out the offers.

Rep Offer

The downside? Rep users generally have a large number of subscribers, often upwards of 10k. If you’re starting out, you may have a difficult time connecting with brands. However, there’s no reason to shy away from contacting other users. You may find a few friends!



CreatorDen works much the same way as Rep. In fact, it’s simpler. The navigation menu only has four links: profile, projects, proposals, and notifications. It’s much simpler to find brands and make offers. 

CreatorDen is not an app, but an online service. Its headquarters is in Istanbul, and their English support services are limited compared to some of the other options.

There is a unique issue: whereas Rep allows all users to join immediately, CreatorDen requires any social media account to have 3k subscribers before signing on. Budding influencers beware!

On the plus side, CreatorDen works with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. So, if you have 3k followers on any account, you will get in the game!



Collabor8 focuses on connecting influencers directly to brands, easy and simple.

Collabor8 will help you create a profile, connect social media accounts, and choose your area of influence to begin working with brands.

The app looks great! Just remember when going in that there’s no way to scroll vertically. If you’re prepared for that, you’ll be fine!



Ripl begins our section on auxiliary apps. It doesn’t connect influencers, but it does provide something they can use: great video editing!

Let’s be honest, photos are easier to work with because you can take 1,000, pick the perfect one, and then edit it to stellar quality. Videos, in comparison, are time-consuming and difficult to manage.

If you’re looking to develop video content (a makeup tutorial or tech review, perhaps), Ripl helps create flashy videos tailored to your needs. It also supplies you with editing tools, designer templates, and multi-platform sharing functions.  Take it above and beyond with scheduled posting and improved designs with their Pro account, which costs $15 monthly or $120 per year.

You never know; it may be worth the price.



Buffer helps with social media management in a unique way, which probably won’t be for everyone but will be a game changer for some.

The idea: why not control all social media accounts with one app?

Create content, choose platforms for the post, and schedule your updates ahead of time for consistent messages to your followers. After, use a tried-and-tested analytics system to gauge the success of your posts.

Oh, and if that sounds like business, you’re right; Buffer tailors itself to users with multiple, monetized accounts across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. In fact, it requires business accounts and costs $15 dollars a month for their Pro subscription.

But again, if you’re looking for a central social media hub for organization purposes, this may be a game changer.


Bonus: Influenster


Influenster suggests products and offers a large number of reviews, acting as an informative middle man for purchases. Essentially, the app tries to fulfill the role of an influencer itself!

This is why we included it as a bonus.

If you’re looking for brands to review when starting out, this app may give you an idea of what’s new and “happening.” It has suggestions and reviews for products ranging from cosmetics to dog toys, along with articles for each category.

If not directly applicable, it may be a great source of information!

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Becoming an influencer requires work and dedication, but may result in business opportunity and the chance to change lives recommending useful products to followers. We hope these apps are useful on your journey and we wish you the best of luck!

Trevor Hutchins

Trevor Hutchins

Trevor Hutchins writes screenplays, novels, and articles from his home in La Mirada, California. He self-published hist first novel, 'Wynden's Legacy,' on Amazon in May of 2017 and hasn't stopped writing since.

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