8 superb apps for shoes

8 superb apps for shoes
Trevor Hutchins

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Of all the clothing types, shoes have the most unexpectedly devoted following. Long ago, we used to think it a rare occurrence for someone to notice new shoes (they’re far below eye level, who’d even check), but the exact opposite is true: sneaker heads exist, and they know their footwear! To connect with this demographic, famous actors, rappers, athletes, and artists have designed awesome shoes, which fly off shelves to this day.

We may never understand the craze, but we do know this: shoes matter. Their quality, design, and even style make a significant difference to the wearer, a simple fact that anybody who’s tried running on a grassy field with skateboarding shoes will understand perfectly. Yes, there are other examples we could’ve used, but… have you ever tried running on grass wearing smooth shoes? You start slipping all over the place, it’s awful.

8 superb apps for shoes!


Zappos Exclamation

Zappos tops the charts for shoe-related apps!

Why? We believe they beat the competition with a mix of easy shipping, good prices, and most importantly, their intuitive search engine. From the main page, you’re able to search by name, or delve into specific categories and brands:


Once you’ve found your section – whether that be women’s shoes, Asics, etc. – one click takes you to a large page of options with comparative prices and user reviews, which can be sorted and filtered to your heart’s content.


Zappos: Shoes, Clothes, & More Download Free

SNKRS by Nike


People love Nike. Maybe it’s because the signature “swoosh” logo has become so popular (it’s used as a brand study for college marketing classes the world over). Maybe it’s their wide range of comfortable, athletic footwear that looks equally great in a school or on a playing field.

Whatever the case, they have a great app along with their great shoes. We can also say, without a doubt, that their welcome screen has one of the most colorful and vibrant displays to welcome visitors:


When you want to start shopping, the “In Stock” menu has a gigantic list of available choices. NOTE: You’ll find many Nike and Air Jordan products in other apps, but the SNKRS app allows you to buy them from the source!


Nike SNKRS Download Free



The unique design of Foot Locker’s website mixes well with the range of shoes available. Unlike Zappos, which has nearly everything on the market, Foot Locker restricts their brands to top-tier sneakers without the limitations of Nike’s in-house marketing schematic.


Rather than pack a large number of shoes into their shopping section, Foot Locker also fills the screen with one shoe at a time. If you’re inclined to scroll quickly through a huge block of options, this may help give more emphasis to each product available.


Foot Locker Download Free

DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse)


Finally, something other than sneakers!

If you’re looking for the variety expected from a department store, check out an app that, frankly, makes you feel like you’re in a department store: Designer Shoe Warehouse! You may have to scroll past a coupon offer or two to get to the shoe categories, so be prepared:


Once you’re there, the athletic shoes you’ve become used to seeing are spaced out between classy leather brands and more!


DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse Download free

Finish Line

One of Finish Line’s main strengths lies in the “Feed” and “Releases” menus. Both of these sections are intended to provide you various updates on what’s new in the world of shoes, whether it be the next release of an Adidas line or an article on great pairs of Adidas for the summer.


Aside from the updates, prepare for another solid shopping experience! We quite enjoyed the slider they use to cycle between the categories for Men’s, Women’s, and more. Once inside, they provide a similarly excellent set of filters to narrow the field of search.


Finish Line - Winners Circle Download free

Sneaker Crush

Sneaker Crush isn’t our favorite app: there aren’t many ways it stands out and it pretty much does it’s job about as well as the others. However, it has a few distinguishing features we enjoy.

1) That logo. Dang, that logo looks cool.

2) The main page for releases. You may notice every single shoe within the list has been compiled in chronological order! If you’re looking for shoes based off release time, this may be perfect for you:


Aside from that, Sneaker Crush does an acceptable job of everything else, including their main catalog.

If you’re looking for other good things, they do have an easy-to-access currency converter in the settings, so that’s a plus right there!

Still, we don’t appreciate the constant ads at the bottom…


Sneaker Crush download free



We enjoy the design of Champs, if nothing else! They focus on sporty shoes, so be prepared for more Nikes, Pumas, and Air Jordans.

Still, they don’t appear to sell cleats, wrestling shoes, or golf footwear. Weird, right? They call themselves a sports store…


Champs does offer the upcoming news as usual, but also combines the details with an excellent launch locator that can help you find stores selling the freshest footwear in person.


Champs Sports download free



Finally, last and most specific, we have the Adidas app! After all those huge, all-inclusive applications, it may be nice to have some specificity.

As you can imagine, this app focuses on the Adidas line of footwear. If you’re a fan, grab the app and start learning about what’s new with the company! All your one-brand updates are right here:


The shopping section of the app begins with an excellent bank of links, which can send you to the new arrivals, best sellers, originals, and more. There are even Clothing and Accessories options! Well done, Adidas, it looks pretty darn slick.


Adidas - Sports & Style Download free

Happy Trails

You may still be asking: why did we choose eight apps? Answer: because seven would create too much alliteration in the title, clearly. “7 superb apps for shoes”? That just goes way over the line.

Thank for reading, we hope your quest for new footwear starts with one of these fine apps, arrives at an exciting purchase, and ends with the happy retirement of a well-worn pair of shoes a long way down the road.

Trevor Hutchins

Trevor Hutchins

Trevor Hutchins writes screenplays, novels, and articles from his home in La Mirada, California. He self-published hist first novel, 'Wynden's Legacy,' on Amazon in May of 2017 and hasn't stopped writing since.

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