Best Christmas Gifts Ideas For Movie Lovers 2023

Looking for the perfect Xmas present for a movie-buff? Here are 10 ideas that will make them feel like a Hollywood star

Best Christmas Gifts Ideas For Movie Lovers 2023
Mireia Fernández

Mireia Fernández

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Christmas is that time of the year for sharing love, best wishes, spending time with the family, and of course… giving gifts! We all have that movie-loving friend we’re unsure what to gift ever since DVDs and Blu-Rays became obsolete thanks to platforms like Netflix. Need a hand? There are hundreds of original, fun, and budget-friendly ideas that will bring a smile to any cinephile or series enthusiast.

After scouring the internet for hours we’ve put together a meticulous selection of the best Christmas gifts for movie lovers in 2023. These gifts are original, fun, and cater to all budgets. And the best part is, they’re sure to be a hit!

Monopoly – The Godfather

The most popular game of all time joins forces with, what many consider, the greatest film saga ever created. This version of the classic Monopoly, inspired by The Godfather, is a perfect gift for any movie lover. It’s been customized with fun references to Coppola’s film… There’s even a game piece shaped like the iconic horse’s head! Don’t think twice and mingle with the Corleones in this new version of a classic that will immerse you in a fierce war among the Five Families. It’s an offer you can’t refuse!

Movie Film Clapper Board

There’s no better gift for a movie buff than their own clapboard! This one perfectly recreates the classic Hollywood clapper board, allowing you to write on it with chalk or markers. Cleaning it is simple—just wipe it with a damp cloth. This clapboard is perfect as a collectible item, for decorating a room, or using it in all kinds of themed parties. Ideal for any lover of the seventh art.

Scene it?

Few board games are as entertaining for a movie lover as Scene it? Born as a cinema trivia game for consoles, Scene it? becomes a board game now powered by a streaming service. What makes it so appealing to movie lovers? Quite simple. To answer some of its questions you’ll first have to watch a movie clip. Ideal for having a great time with friends!

Scene It?



Clipology is a movie trivia game similar to Scene It? but with a big difference: All its questions are directly linked to a movie clip! With more than 1000 videos and puzzles, Clipology combines the fun and challenging nature of trivia questions with the charm of watching clips from movies. With more than 12 different video categories such as “Name that Movie” or “Freeze Frame”, Clipology is one of the best party games to give this Christmas. And now you can have it half price!



$11 $24

TOPTRO TR2 Projector

One of the most sought-after gifts among movie enthusiasts are portable projectors. If you’re looking for a powerful yet reasonably priced option, we recommend checking out the TOPTRO TR2 projector. This projector works seamlessly via Bluetooth and also supports 5G WiFi, boasting a native Full HD resolution of 1080p while being compatible with 4K Ultra HD. One of its strong points is its high speed transfer, being able to show all videos with perfectly without lag. Get it right now with a 41% off its original price!

Towond Projector Screen and Stand

To be able to use a portable projector, you’ll need a screen. The Towond projector screen is extremely lightweight and measures 120 inches. It also includes a carrier case and a useful and easy-to-set stand that will help you watch all your movies in the big screen in seconds. Ideal for enjoying the best cinema wherever you go.

Towond Projector Screen


$79 $83

Top 250 Movie Bucket List Scratch Poster

If you’re looking to give an original gift to a movie fan without spending too much, we recommend this fun scratch-off calendar displaying the 250 movies every cinema lover should watch before they die. The idea behind this calendar is that, every time you watch one of the movies in the calendar, you scratch off its box to reveal an original illustration of the film. As you can see, it’s an original and fun present that any movie lover is sure to appreciate.

Movie Projector Music Box

Your movie-loving friend is also a natural collector? Surprise them this Christmas with a music box in the shape of a vintage film projector! This beautifu music box plays the tune For Elise and has a small drawer that can be used to hold jewelry inside. This cute and beautiful present will surely bring a smile to any movie fan.

The Blockbuster Game

Blockbuster is a fun party game that will bring hours of fun and laughter to anyone who has ever seen a movie. In it you’ll have to battle head to head against your family and friends by acting, quoting or simply describing your favorite films. This fun nostalgic game is the perfect present for any movie lover. Get yours now for just $19!

The Blockbuster Game


$19 $21

Custom Home Movie Theater Sign

We end our list with this fully personalized canvas that can turn your living room into a real movie theatre. This impressive sign has been professionally designed to look like the classic vintage marquees from theatears and is offered both unframed or in floating wood framed options. It’s definitely a present that any cinema fan will love to have. Don’t miss your chace to get it with a 10% discount!



$62 $68

Still haven’t found the perfect gift? Check out these ideas!

We hope we’ve been able to help you choose that ideal gift for any movie lover. Did you like this article? Don’t forget to share it on social media!

Mireia Fernández

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