Best Mac themes for Firefox

Best Mac themes for Firefox

macfox II graphite themeFirefox is known to be highly customizable, but that doesn’t just go with add-ons and search engines, as you can also set up all sorts of themes to make it look a bit more snazzier. Although I’m happy enough with the default Firefox look (and I really like the new one in version 3), I admit I’ve tried quite a few over all the years I’ve been using the Mozilla browser. A while back, I talked about the top 30 Firefox themes and listed some that we really enjoy here at Softonic.

This time, and after reading a post from CyberNet, I thought it would be nice to talk about the different Mac themes you can find for Firefox. The best ones are listed on the Firefox Add-ons page and you don’t need to have a Mac to install them, as the majority also work on PC. Most of them look pretty slick and offer the clear, grey feel you will find in a Mac desktop.

There are 50 different Mac themes for Firefox to be found on the Add-ons page, so I thought I would cut out the hard work for you and select the best ones. One excellent theme designer I found is Aronnax, who develops the GrApple series, in which you will find Delicious (Blue), Yummy (blue) and Eos Pro. These offer a very similar design as that of Apple’s Safari, but with little tweaks here and there.

Another one I enjoy, this time from another user, is Leopardstripe-Revised. As the name suggests this theme has a Leopard feel to it, so you can pretend you have the latest Mac OS even if you don’t. FoxDie Safari is another smart theme and which comes in three tones: dark, grey and white, with, like for the GrApple series, a look very reminiscent of Safari. You should also check out iFox SMooth and its rounded corners and light grey tones. macfox II graphite also offers a clean aqua-style look.

Finally, if you can’t wait having Firefox 3 yet worry about the stability of the current Release Candidate (RC1), how about setting up Proto for Mac OS X 1.0?

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