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15 best password manager and generator extensions for Google Chrome

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Do you want to elevate your browsing experience? A password manager is an excellent tool to increase your login security and allow quick navigation through different accounts. Most password managers operate on the same basic principle — the user sets up a master password that controls all password-protected accounts.

However, some apps have varying features that make them particularly good and effective for Chrome. The following 15 managers can be used directly in Chrome, saving you the hassle of leaving your browser in the middle of an important task.

15 best password manager and generator extensions for Google Chrome
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LastPass: Free Password Manager

As a fully-featured manager, LastPass is a popular choice for keeping track of your accounts and passwords. In addition, it is an efficient extension that automatically imports the password in Chrome, Opera, or Firefox browsers. LastPass is based around an organized and easy-to-use vault. This extension can also store your form content and notes. Plus, the auto-fill functionality helps identify different form fields and fill in only the appropriate information.

While LastPass offers many products at different pricing plans, the free version offers all the basics you need as a Chrome extension. This password manager also features a username generator, a digital wallet, and a password generator.

LastPass: Free Password Manager DOWNLOAD
LastPass helps you organize your passwords for all your favorite apps

iCloud Passwords

With iCloud Passwords, you can use your already-created Safari passwords on Chrome for Windows. The manager also stores your newly-created password on the iCloud Keychain so you can access it on your Apple devices as well.

To access your passwords on iCloud, open the manager’s app and sign in. Then click on the account you want to view, followed by copying your password and username.

iCloud Passwords DOWNLOAD
Save your Safari passwords onto Chrome with iCloud Passwords

Show Password

If you want to save your energy and time when logging in to different accounts, ShowPassword is pretty handy. Most websites will hide your login password as you type it. While this is meant to enhance security, it’s often a nuisance if you use your device in private. The Show Password Chrome extension displays the field content of your password while you place your cursor on the field. As a result, you may save yourself some time when logging into your website.

ShowPassword DOWNLOAD
If you use a private device, utilize the Show Password extension to save time

Norton Password Manager

Norton Password Manager is smart, secure, and straightforward. It helps secure logins in your vault and guides you to create complex and strong passwords. Additionally, it features a safety dashboard to evaluate weaknesses in your login details.

The password generator helps you create a strong password with just one click. And the auto change feature enables you to easily save your passwords. You can access your logins through biometrics and Face ID on your mobile device.

Norton Password Manager DOWNLOAD
Create strong and secure passwords with Norton Password Manager

Random Password Generator

As a simple and secure extension to generate passwords, the Random Password Generator has a minimalist interface. However, simple is better when all you need is a tool to help you come up with a secure password on the spot. This generator can create a password with a length between 1 and 99 letters, and it also excludes confusing characters. In addition, the generator doesn’t use any cookies or trackers and generates everything on your side.

Random password generator DOWNLOAD
Create custom passwords with this simple extension

Strong Password Generator

If you’re looking for a simple tool to generate a solid and compatible password, this extension may help you. You simply have to specify the length of your password to the extension and let it handle the rest. The extension generates a password that you can copy on the clipboard. You can also create more than one password at a time and then copy them altogether.

Strong Password Generator DOWNLOAD
Use this extension to generate multiple passwords that you can copy to your clipboard

Password Revealer

Password Revealer is a popular Chrome extension that shows your passwords on sites that hide them by default. This extension helps you find the password that you may have forgotten or want to reveal for other things. Using this extension is pretty simple. You’ll simply click the Password Revealer icon (located in the Chrome taskbar), to unmask the desired password.

Password Revealer DOWNLOAD
Use Password Revealer to show hidden passwords

Dropbox Passwords

While developed by Dropbox, this manager syncs and securely stores all your passwords on different devices and sites. It also auto-fills all the password and username details, so you can instantly use a website. Furthermore, it allows you to access your password anytime from any device of your choice. This extension saves you from getting locked out of your account. Users with Dropbox Basic, Plus, Family, Professional, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise all have access to this password manager.

Dropbox Passwords DOWNLOAD
Sync your passwords between multiple devices

Password Manager

With its straightforward name, Password Manager is a fittingly straightforward and easy-to-use extension. It connects to your preferred password manager and automatically inserts all your login details in the field. Furthermore, the add-on creates a local copy of your preferred account. Also convenient is that your username and password are automatically entered on most third-party websites that you may want to use.

Password Manager DOWNLOAD
This straight-forward extension helps you organize your login details

123 Password

If you want to generate different passwords for a wide range of websites, the 123 Password extension may be your best bet. For example, this extension can help you create passwords for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You only need to enter the website URL and use your master key. The process will help generate different passwords for each website. But you only need to remember the master key to access all accounts. This is a simple and secure application to try.

123 Password DOWNLOAD
Use one master key to organize multiple passwords

Password Manager Pro

If you find it hard to track your passwords, digital certificates, and keys, give Password Manager Pro a try. It stores all your valuable information in the cloud, so you don’t lose any of your sensitive data. This Chrome extension has a user-friendly interface that helps manage your passwords conveniently.

In addition, the end-to-end key management and encryption offer optimal protection for your username and password. The extension comes with a digital vault that stores your data safely, and the password recovery team makes it convenient for you to re-access information.

Password Manager Pro DOWNLOAD
Password Manager Pro stores login details in the cloud

Avira Password Manager

This easy-to-use and user-friendly password manager keeps your password and other login details secure and safe. This is a unique password-based solution that stores all your data on different devices, so it stays safe from attackers.

If you’re using more than Chrome, Avira Password Manager can also work with Firefox and Edge. Overall, it’s an excellent tool for generating strong passwords for your various accounts.

Avira Password Manager DOWNLOAD
Avira Password Manager can store your passwords on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge

ESET Password Manager

If you’re someone who forgets their passwords often, the ESET Password Manager may tick all the right boxes for you. This extension helps you manage your login details efficiently. Also, it allows you to access all your sensitive information from any device of your choice.

Since everything you find on this extension is entirely encrypted, you don’t have to worry about third-party attackers. In addition, you can use ESET to increase your password’s security through two-factor authentication and access a security report for any breaches. Also, you can prioritize certain accounts, so their passwords move to the top of the list and use Android and iOS devices to access passwords.

ESET Password Manager DOWNLOAD
Access login details from multiple devices with ESET Password Manager

Print My Passwords From LastPass – v1.0.0

While our first LastPass entry on this list focused on the free password manager, this extension is solely for printing out a list of your passwords. Having a secure hard copy of your passwords can be helpful if you ever need to give others access. The extension allows you to hide or show passwords, PINS, and account numbers in your prints.
It is pretty easy to use this application. Simply log into the LastPass account and locate the icon for Print my password, LastPass will then export your vault, and the application will reformat your information according to the print.

ESET Password Manager DOWNLOAD
Make a hard copy of your password with this extension

Password Alert

Phishing attempts become more sophisticated every day, but the Password Alert extension can help you keep your Google password safe. This Chrome extension will notify you if you use your Google Account password on any site that isn’t Google’s. Not only will this extension help you identify and prevent phishing attempts, but it will also encourage you to use different passwords for different websites and accounts. Using your Google password on any other site will prompt an alert from Password Alert, and you’ll be able to change your password immediately or turn off alerts for that account if you use your password for multiple logins.

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