9 best websites for news

9 best websites for news
Grace Sweeney

Grace Sweeney

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Much of our access to information is left in the hands of algorithms, even if we don’t get all of our news on Facebook. Sometimes, it’s hard to find articles that represent a balanced look at what’s going on in the world.

best news sites

Google “best news sites,” and you’re already walking into a whole world of bias. Every website has its list of “best news sites,” some based on popularity, others out of a great commitment to quality journalism.

Below, we’ve included a roundup of some of our favorite sites, though they’ve made a list for different reasons. These sites provide a well-researched, unbiased view of current events, so you can (hopefully) piece together your own opinions on what’s going on in the world.


longform website

Longform is a website that offers a curated selection of the best writing from around the web.

They’ll post a mix of the latest news — long-form pieces from sites like the New York Times, ProPublica, Rolling Stone, the New Yorker. Plus highlights from the country’s local papers and the true crime gem, Texas Monthly.

What’s nice about this roundup is, it’s committed to a blend of current events and older stories — you might find a deep dive on a murder that happened in 1987 posted right after a Rolling Stone profile that ran in the most recent issue.

We recommend Longform for those looking to elevate their “digital loafing” experience and spend a good chunk of time reading.

New York Times

nyt home page

The NYT is the gold standard when it comes to online news sites. The Times is known for their quality writing, progressive reporting, and commitment to journalistic ethics.

The Wall Street Journal

the wall street journal news site

The WSJ started out as a business publication, branching out into general news content after being purchased by Rupert Murdoch back in 2007.

While the Wall Street Journal is still a top source for business content in 2019, it’s a solid source of fact-based reporting and Pulitzer Prize-winning articles.

That said, the editorial section has long been known for anti-government, anti-tax stances representative of the Republican Party, but they’ve done a decent job keeping their reporting fair and balanced.

The New Yorker

new yorker website

The New Yorker is another paid subscription, and they fall slightly outside of the news-only niche, offering a mix of current events, cultural commentary, short stories, and of course, the cartoons.

Still, it’s of course, one of the best sources of writing on the web and in print — and if you’re concerned about your mounting stack of subscriptions, it’s not a bad deal — you get your first 12 weeks for $12, plus a free tote bag.

Your subscription includes access to the website’s entire archive, plus the weekly issue delivered to your mailbox.


reddit r/news

Hopefully, you’ve gotten hip to the fact that Reddit isn’t just a digital home for wayward trolls.

While it might not seem like the go-to news site, the platform allows you to add feeds like r/news to your feed, along with whatever else you like to follow. What we like about Reddit is, you can find articles from all of the big publications, alongside commentary from the average reader. The community aspect of Reddit helps push the best, most engaging stories to the top of your feed.


medium news

Medium is an interesting one. We’re not necessarily listing it because we’re impressed with its commitment to high-quality journalism, as anyone can post on the platform, though there’s definitely a lot of content there that meets that high standard.

What’s cool about Medium, however, is that it’s easy to find articles from people — from reputable publications, barely established start-ups, and crypto-currency pros — in other words, there are a ton of ideas on Medium that you won’t find everywhere else.


NPR website

NPR isn’t just for the airwaves; the National Public Radio service is a non-profit organization focused on presenting the facts in a fair, balanced manner.

The NPR site allows you to listen to live radio from your local station or a favorite from another state; you can listen to podcasts, get music recommendations, oh, and read the news.

News stories focus on up-to-the-moment events and give visitors the option to listen to a short news segment or read the article.


reuters home page

Reuters doesn’t get a lot of attention, but they’re a quality resource for unbiased reporting, the perfect place to keep up on current events without the commentary that you’ll find with many news sources.


bbc website

The BBC website, like Reuters, is a reliable source of global news, covering everything from Trump’s latest antics to climate change, fashion, and financial news. A well-rounded source of unbiased reporting that feels a lot like the NPR site, the BBC sticks to fact-based reporting and is guaranteed to give it to you straight.

Grace Sweeney

Grace Sweeney

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