Best Winamp skins

Best Winamp skins
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Nullsoft’s Winamp has been around forever. Back when you started downloading songs from Napster, Winamp was the best program to listen to them with. As other programs have come and gone, and the likes of the iPod, iPhone, and now Spotify have revolutionized the way we listen to music, it bears remembering that Winamp is still here and it is still going strong.

All the best Winamp skins

As well as Winamp’s ability to play many different types of audio files like MS-Audio, WAV, MP3, and AAC, one of the big stand out features for Winamp has always been its skins. Winamp skins have long given users a fun way to make their digital music player their own. Through the years there has been all manner of Winamp skin landing on the internet from classic Winamp 2 and Winamp 5 skins to skins of your favorite movies and shows. Let’s have a look then at some of the best Winamp skins you can download right now.

Winamp skins collection

Expensive Hi Fi Skin

Expensive Hi Fi

Although a modern skin, the Expensive Hi-Fi Skin is an absolute classic for Winamp. The premise is simple, you make Winamp look a high-end separates stereo with each part of the Winamp console, including the main window and the playlist section, being a separate stereo module. There are lots of these to choose from. But this one stood out for us as the equalizer looks so good.

Technics 1210 Skin

Technics 1210

Most DJs simply mix with their laptops these days, but any DJ worth their salt learned their trade on a pair of Technics 1210s. These things were built like tanks and this skin does a fairly good job of recreating the old beasts with a decent mixer and equalizer to go with them too.

Old Mac OS Skin

Old MacOS

These days Winamp has quite a bit of nostalgic value to it. Like we’ve already said, there are now many other options out there for listening to music in many different formats. We don’t even have to download music onto our devices anymore. We still use Winamp though, for one reason or the other, with it definitely having a nostalgic feeling to add to it too. Well, how about this black and white original Mac-style Winamp skin to add to that nostalgic feeling?

Anime Winamp Skin

There are a lot of different Anime themed Winamp skins out there. This one from the classic movie Spirited Away. It is sleek and simple with a bold red on a black color scheme and a cool image to go with it.

Marshall Skin

Marshall skin

This Winamp skin is so cool. It basically turns your Winamp controller into an epic Marshall amp, just like you’ve seen on stage at some of the world’s biggest rock concerts. If you’re listening to anything with a guitar solo of more than a minute, this is the skin you need.

Commodore 64 Skin

Commodore 64 skin

This 64-bit skin is one of our favorites. It takes us back to the days when video games came on cassette tapes and you’d have to turn the tape over halfway through a load screen. This is nostalgic to the max and, with cyberpunk minimalism being very much on-trend, it looks great too and will definitely get people’s attention.

The Hustler Skin

The Hustler

This Winamp skin is just funny. It takes that classic image of the dog’s playing pool and turns it into a Winamp skin complete with pool balls as equalizer knobs so you can rearrange how the game is going by playing with the levels.

Wonder Woman Skin

Wonder Woman

Some people turn Winamp into what is essentially a poster that plays music. There are plenty of movie posters out there that people have turned into Winamp skins, but we’ve seen more Wonder Woman skins than any other movie. This is our favorite.

Super Mario Land Skin

Super Mario Land

This Super Mario Land skin is very cool indeed and is more than just a flat image. It depicts a number of different game worlds and houses the control buttons in the question mark chance cubes you find all over Super Mario World. The coolest bit, however, is the equalizer, which is series of Mario’s famous pipes with Piranha Plants sticking out. You mess around with them to change the levels of your music. It looks great.

Spiderman Skin

Spiderman skin

Another poster skin here. Although this is a basic skin with only minor button design, a main image, and a color scheme we still love it. The Spiderman image is as cool as they come. It’s almost like Winamp keeps pulling you back in with Spidey’s web. Just listen to one more tune…

Nucleo Skin

Nucleo Skin

If you’ve ever seen or used an old school HAM radio, you’ll be familiar with the retro stylings of the Nucleo Winamp skin. Waveforms, KHZ, and analog buttons really make this skin stand out as a sleek and light offering.

Windows Media Player Skin

Windows Media Player skin

The old Windows Media Player was likely what you used to listen to your tunes on before you downloaded Winamp, which was able to play a lot more file types than Windows Media Player could handle. If the old girl had a style you liked though, don’t worry. You can simply download this skin, which will make Winamp look like Windows Media Player.

Windows Classic Skin

Windows Classic skin

You wouldn’t believe how popular Windows 95 was. Back when Minesweeper and Solitaire were the only games you had on your PC was a happier time for many people as Windows 95 nostalgia is a real thing. This Winamp skin looks like a classic Windows from back in the day, complete with the solid greys and blues that made Windows 95 what it was.

Winamp Classic Skin

Winamp classic

Why mess with perfection? The classic Winamp skin is pretty good, which means there isn’t really any need to change it in the first place. This is all about personal choice and tastes so have at it, if you wish.

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