Bethesda confirms a new update for Starfield that will fix bugs and add improvements

The patch that Starfield is preparing will include many improvements and bug fixes for players.

Bethesda confirms a new update for Starfield that will fix bugs and add improvements
Daniel García

Daniel García

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Starfield, Bethesda’s latest flagship release, is preparing for a new update that will significantly improve the overall gaming experience. This title, which arrived on PC and Xbox consoles on September 6, 2023, will have a beta patch available from March 6 that can be tested within Steam.

At the moment, the exact date for the release of this update has not been revealed, but if it is already being tested in beta phase, it would be expected to be released in the coming weeks on the platforms where Starfield is available.

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A patch to apply improvements and eliminate bugs

Starfield, although it has been a game with divided opinions among many players, has always been an extremely popular game with a large number of players. That is why all the improvements and solutions that Bethesda has announced through Twitter will significantly improve the quality of life for its community.

Among the additions to Starfield, Bethesda itself highlights some of the following:

  • Improvements for the photo mode. With the new update, the photo mode will have new settings, such as the ability to change the character’s facial expression for the capture. In addition, Vasco, the robotic companion, will have new poses.
  • Scanner improvements. Scanning flora and fauna is one of the most interesting points for certain types of players in Starfield, and the new update will improve the scanner’s performance so that users have a better quality of life in its use.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented interaction with NPC David Barron, a problem that affected many players during their gameplay.
  • Mission interface will have a quality of life improvement, making it easier to activate missions that are inactive from the menu itself.
  • Other improvements. The issue that caused the player’s head to turn when running has also been fixed, as well as the bug that made it difficult for Temples to appear on maps.

The path ahead of Starfield

The Starfield roadmap doesn’t stop with updates and patches to improve features or fix bugs: it is also preparing paid DLC content that will generously expand the adventures in relation to the base game. There is still no date for the first announced DLC, Broken Space, but it is known that it will land at some point in 2024, according to the company’s plans.

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