Betternet for Windows is one of the most comprehensive, secure and transparent VPN services around

Betternet for Windows is one of the most comprehensive, secure and transparent VPN services around

Is it possible to browse online these days and feel 100% safe? Our browsing data can both fall into the hands of criminals (with increasingly advanced malware) and also governments.

And what about browsing rights? In some countries, it’s impossible to access all the content on the Internet by normal means, due to government restrictions.

Betternet Free VPN’s aim is to be a beacon for the digital age, illuminating these dark times.

What is Betternet? It’s a free VPN (with an optional paid version) available for Windows. Its main function: to offer users free, secure browsing without limits of any kind.

A VPN service, like Betternet, creates a secure and encrypted “tunnel” between your computer/device and the website you want to access. This not only blocks you from spies and criminals, but also gives you access to restricted content in your region if you choose to connect to a server hosted in another region. A VPN also works well when you travel or if your work/school has certain restrictions as far as the web goes.

If the VPN world scares you with its seemingly complicated configuration, you’ll be glad to hear that Betternet will connect you to one of their global servers with just the click of a button, with no more process in-between. You’ll access region-locked content, while feeling secure, in no time.


And what about the speed of their servers? After a few speed tests, we’re pleasantly surprised to say that Betternet’s free version keeps up with some paid competitors. Not bad!

One of the fundamental problems of a free VPN is the way it makes a profit. There are VPN programs that sell user data to third parties, a trend that completely undoes the main aim of a service like this.

Betternet makes it clear from the beginning that it doesn’t sell out: “we don’t keep any data records”. It’s way of making profit is transparent and more related to its mobile versions. You can discover more about it clicking here.

To top it all off, Betternet has a blog focused on security tips and articles. One of these articles revolves around why not all VPN providers are trustworthy. More transparency, impossible.

Is the paid version worth it? That depends on what you’re hoping for. If you pay, you can decide on the server location and other IP options for those who want to connect to a specific country. They’re interesting extras, especially if you feel like “playing” with the VPN world.


And what about customer service? In the free version, the wait time for getting a response is a few hours (click here to access its Help Center), while the paid version guarantees 24/7 customer service. The Windows version includes some additional FAQs that cover plenty of doubts and problems.

But maybe the best way to find out about Betternet’s customer service is by checking their responses on social media (Facebook, Twitter…), both their content and the wait time for the user asking them something.

Here we can see quick responses:


Here we can see how Betternet thanks users for good feedback.


And here we can see how they take care of a problem even if it seems to be directed at Chrome.


This shows that if you have an issue using this VPN, their customer service won’t leave you hanging.

Betternet Free VPN not only offers everything you could want from a VPN service (i.e. secure browsing and unblocked content), but also offers you a self-sustaining free version (it’s a pleasure to find a program that isn’t always trying to sell you their Premium version), an easy-to-use system, with fast server connections, transparency (they don’t benefit at the expense of jeopardizing your privacy) and accessible and comprehensive user customer service that includes a blog packed with useful articles.

In a world where services that theoretically offer privacy aren’t always trustworthy, we’re pleased to recommend Betternet for Windows with full confidence. Whether you want 100% private browsing, or access to blocked websites, this service exceeds your expectations and is always concerned with keeping you safe and sound.

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