Bigger, faster Yahoo! Mail launched

Yahoo! has today rolled out a new version of its Mail service. The new Yahoo! Mail Beta brings a number of interesting new features to the plate and boasts a redesigned interface that looks like what would happen if Gmail and Outlook mated.

The polished new interface design includes the ability to view Twitter and Facebook updates via Yahoo! Mail’s What’s New page, open multiple IM and SMS chats in separate tabs, search your mail from a panel on the sidebar, and to preview mail in a separate window without leaving your inbox. Another nice addition to the new Yahoo! Mail is the ability to enjoy Picasa and Flickr slideshows and watch YouTube videos from within the email.

Under the hood, Yahoo! claims to have made its mail client twice as fast as the previous version. The spam filter has also undergone a much-needed overhaul, although we’ll wait and see if this goes far enough to come anywhere near the standard of Gmail’s excellent spam filtering system.


Yahoo old


 Yahoo new

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