Can You Add Free Music to Your iTunes Library?

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iTunes isn’t just a music player, it’s also an excellent music collection storage library. You can download music from most anywhere — as well as from your own CD collection — and store and play albums and songs right in iTunes. It can even play a few video formats, if movies are your kind of thing. So the answer is, yes! iTunes can play your free music. Here are the file formats it is capable of playing, as well as some great places to nab free music that are completely legal.

Types of Music Files iTunes Can Play

iTunes can play all of the common music formats, plus a few that are less well known. iTunes is compatible with:

Can You Add Free Music to Your iTunes Library?

• MP3
• MPEG-4
• m4a
• Any file format that QuickTime is capable of playing
• A few common video formats

Where to Get Free Music for Your iTunes Library

So, where can you get all that free music to build an iTunes Library? iTunes will allow you to play most any music you get, from most any source, so long as it is one of the file formats above. This is a great option to streaming music from online radio stations or apps that play three commercials for every song they let you listen to, or renting music instead of downloading and owning your tunes.

Android App Store offers free music downloads that can be played using iTunes. Most of the free songs they offer are by up and coming artists, but there is a decent selection in terms of genres.

Google Play offers a section of free music called Antenna Sampler. The music is mostly by up and coming artists, but almost every genre of music is represented, so whatever you’re into, you can likely find it here.

Amazon offers a free music section, as well. Amazon has several genres to choose from, including country, folk, rock, pop, hip hop, gospel, rap, soundtracks, and miscellaneous. However, most of the free stuff is lazily categorized in Miscellaneous. The trick is, you have to go through the actual checkout process to download free music from Amazon, but it doesn’t charge you anything to do so.

Amazon music for PC, Android, Mac

Free Music Archive is a music source that features free music through the Creative Commons licenses. Most of this music is by independent artists that aren’t widely known, but sometimes you can find songs by the bigger names. The best part about Free Music Archive is that it allows you to browse in several different ways to find music you like — including by genre, by music curator (which is basically radio stations), and by the type of Creative Commons licensing the song has.

Once you download the music, all of the songs should play from iTunes without a problem.

Check out the Genius Tool in iTunes to make your experience even more meaningful.

Softonic Editorial Team

Softonic Editorial Team