What changes are in iOS 7 Beta 5?

What changes are in iOS 7 Beta 5?

Shortly after concluding WWDC 2013 two months ago Apple released a beta of iOS 7 for developers. This beta was recently updated to iOS 7 beta 5, which features a good amount of small changes. We’ve tried out the update and are pleased with the ways Apple is taking the OS.

Better color coordination

iOS 7 beta 5 has improvements to the look of the Settings App, mostly in the form of new colors. Icons in the settings app are no more colorful and easier to see for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, and others. The Twitter icon on AirDrop has also been change from a white bird on a blue background, to the more familiar blue bird.

new icons copy

The install screen also has changed to match with your device’s model. For example If you have a white iPhone, the screen will have a white screen with black icon, while a black iPhone will have a black background with white icon.

Interface changes

The iOS is of course focused on a great phone interface. All of the icons while taking a call are much larger and have circles to help highlight them and match the look of the keypad.

dialpad and poweroff

When you power off your device a new power off slider will appear at the top. As you swipe from left to right the color will change from a dark red to a much lighter off-pink.


The Control Center settings now have Access controls, allowing you to toggle if the menu is access able from the Lock Screen or within apps. Turning off access is a great way to prevent accidentally activating the feature, especially when playing games with a lot of swiping.

Taking care of mail

mail changes

A small change to the mail app interface includes the direct removal of the delete button right on the inbox. Instead you must hit the edit button, allowing you to mark your email list and then move them to either trash or archive. Although this extra step might seem annoying, it’s a great means of stopping accidental email deletion.

A touch of trust

To help with security, a new warning and check has been added when connecting your device to a new computer via a charger. The first time you attach your iOS device to a computer a verification will appear, asking you would like to allow full access to your device and all of the stored data.


This can also occur when you connect to other devices (such as game consoles) or power sources, which may indicate possible security risks or hidden computers within your power source.

Panoramic problem

A minor removal includes the disabling of the panoramic wallpapers which previously moved according to your device’s gyroscoping, rotating a full 240 degrees. You can still select panoramic pictures as wallpapers, they simply won’t animate. It’s understandable for this to be missing in the beta as it’s not a necessary function for developers . Hopefully it will be reinstated when iOS 7 is released for consumer use.


iOS 7 beta 5’s changes are helpful and prevent accidental access of unwanted functions. While the update isn’t huge, it does provide a taste of where Apple is focusing and how the iOS will ultimately shape into. We like what we’ve seen and look forward to future updates.

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