ChatGPT Pro vs ChatGPT Free:Is AI worth paying for?

ChatGPT Pro vs ChatGPT Free:Is AI worth paying for?


Are you ready for the release of the “Professional” plan of ChatGPT? Are the days when we could use the free version of ChatGPT without any problems behind us? Although we have not yet tried the paid version of ChatGPT, we are very familiar with the free version. Fortunately for all of us, this version is still around and is not going anywhere (for the time being).


However, the Pro version of ChatGPT is closer than ever and it includes new options that the rest of the users have not yet been able to taste. Today, we will try to answer the million dollar question: is it worth paying for the new ChaGPT?

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Through Discord, OpenAI confirmed the news that there would be a more advanced version of ChatGPT, but for a fee. Although it is still in preparation, OpenAI had it quite clear for some time: ChatGPT should become paid in order to “guarantee its support. As mentioned at the beginning, the free version is not going anywhere and will continue to be available for anyone who wants to continue using it.

At the moment, OpenAI has opened a waiting list for those users who want to try the version “Pro” before anyone. But what exactly are the differences between one and the other?

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ChatGPT Professional: these are its improvements

OpenAI wants to motivate more advanced users to get more out of their tool. This plan, which will not be cheap, is aimed at them. At the moment, the price of the service will be $42 per month. One of the great advantages that ChatGPT Pro will have over ChatGPT Free will be its response speed. As they explain, there will be fewer error messages, faster, more elaborate responses and without a character limit. Sounds good, doesn’t it? To top it off, waiting times will also be reduced even further.

On the other hand, the free version of ChatGPT will continue as before. No functionality has been added or removed, so you will be able to continue using it as usual. It is worth remembering that ChatGPT supports questions in English or other languages, as well as experimenting with requests of all kinds and more. Just remember that everything you type will be recorded in the OpenAI database.

Despite the fact that the service remains unchanged, some people have complained on Twitter that accessing ChatGPT is even more difficult than before. As OpenAI explains, this is due to the large number of requests that the web receives daily. Will you try the paid version of ChatGPT?



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