Chipotle offers free food rewards with new app

Ben Bowman


Chipotle is a favorite food destination here at Softonic. The burritos are thick. The chips are crisp. The food is prepared right in front of you. Now, the Mexican chain is offering free food if you join their loyalty app. Here’s how it works.


Start by downloading the Chipotle app here:

Chipotle Download Free

You’ll get free chips and guac after you use the app and spend at least $5 on your first go. From there on out, your appetite will determine how quickly you get additional rewards. You get 10 points for every $1 you spend. So if you spend $125, you’ll get a free entree.

Chipotle RewardsYou’ll also get some free food on your birthday. (Thanks, burrito buddy!)

In a really smart move, the Chipotle app also gives bonus points for trying new menu items or visiting the restaurant during special dates and times. This allows Chipotle to summon its most loyal customers if traffic is light. It also provides an incentive to try (and get hooked) on the new stuff on the menu.

As we poked around the app, the What’s New tab revealed something interesting: food items that are available “online only.”

Chipotle SaladsThese preset salad bowls appear new to the menu, so Chipotle probably doesn’t want to slow up their line by having their employees try to remember all of the ingredients. You could certainly assemble these bowls in person – all of the ingredients are already part of the menu – but if you didn’t care about the personalization, you could just mash this button on the app and have the bowl waiting for you.

The app also has a delivery/pickup button prominently displayed, so it’s not hard to set up your preferred option.

Chipotle has been on the rebound since some food safety scandals a few years ago. After hitting a low of $271/share in October of 2017, the stock is trading for $669/share today. If Chipotle can create some added loyalty with this app, the future is bright.

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