comiXology goes DRM-free, lets you keep your comics forever

Lewis Leong


Comic book distributor comiXology is abandoning digital rights management (DRM), used to prevent piracy. This means you can now download and keep your comics forever.

Previously, comiXology required users to download and read purchased comics exclusively in their app. Now users can download comic purchased in the app as a PDF or CBR to use with other comic reader apps.

comiXology goes DRM-free, lets you keep your comics forever

Only some publishers have enabled DRM-free downloads for now. comiXology plans to make all of its 50,000 comic books downloadable in the future.

comiXology DRM free

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There is an industry-wide trend of allowing users to actually keep their digital purchases. In 2007, iTunes ditched DRM for its music store. Publisher Image Comics has been offering DRM-free books for some time.

Starting today, you can go to and download your comics to keep forever. You can find all your comics under the My Books tab.

Source: Washington Post


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