Convert raster images to vectors

Make vectors on the flyConverting raster images to a vector-based format is a a sensible thing to do for so many different reasons. If you’re not already aware, raster (or bitmap) images, which are made of dots and pixels, are normally large in size, difficult to edit and look jagged when viewed close up. Vector images on the other hand are typically small in size, editable and infinitely resizable. As a result, if you dealing with illustrations such as technical drawings or maps, it’s much better to vectorise them. You can even apply vectorisation to digital photos to make them more interesting and ‘arty’.

Traditionally, vectorisation is normally a very fiddly process and involves a lot of messing about with software like AutoCAD or Flash. Forget all that though because VectorMagic can now do the job for you almost instantly and for free. You simply need to upload your bitmap image to the site, configure a few simple settings, then the online app does the donkey work for you.

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