Create custom ringtones for your iPhone the easy way

Elena Santos


Ringtones are, together with wallpapers, the most frequently updated and customized element on mobile phones. Whether you download them from a website or create them by yourself, chances are you’ve changed your ringtone at least a couple of times in the last few months. But what if you own an iPhone? Can you create ringtones for it that easily? The answer is yes, as long as you have iRinger. With this free app, creating your own ringtones for the iPhones is a cinch!

All you have to do is launch the program – no installation required – and click on the Import button to select the media file you want to use as ringtone. iRinger supports a wide variety of formats, including video.

Create iPhone ringtones with iRinger

Now it’s time to trim the file and cut out the part you want use as ringtone. iRinger is a bit different from the standard editor here. Instead of selecting a certain fragment of the time line and then copying and pasting it, simply grab the whole time line itself with your mouse and drag it to the left or right to set the starting point of your ringtone.

Create iPhone ringtones with iRinger

Then adjust the length using the sliders in the program’s interface. You can move these sliders with the mouse, and use the arrow keys for more precise adjustments. Remember the maximum length for an iPhone ringtone is 30 seconds. Also, note that iRinger lets you add several effects: fade in, boost, reverse, etc.


When you’re finished editing the ringtone, click on the Export button and that’s all. iRinger will create the M4R file, ready to be imported into your iTunes ringtone library and synced later on with your iPhone.

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