Cyber Monday Series: Find the best deals with these 7 apps

Cyber Monday Series: Find the best deals with these 7 apps

Black Friday might be the biggest shopping day of the year, but if you’re like me, Black Friday also means a turkey coma and zombie-like crowds pushing their way through stores to get the best deals. If you can’t stomach another tug of war at the cash register, just remember these two magic words: Cyber Monday. It’s the online counterpart to Black Friday, giving you the best deals for shopping from the comfort of your own home. Here, I’ll go through 7 useful apps for Cyber Monday that’ll help you find the best deals for shopping online post-Thanksgiving.

1) Cyber Monday 2013 (Android & iPhone)

Cyber Monday 2013 is a great place to start if you want to receive updates and notifications for all the best deals leading up to the big day. You can select individual products or retailers that you like and receive notifications for new sale items or price drops. The app also has a product analysis and expert reviews to ensure that you get the best deals on the best products. Cyber Monday 2013 will save your preferences in the cloud, meaning you can sync the app across devices too.

2) Prices Drop Monitor for Amazon (Mac and Windows)

Prices Drop Monitor is an app for Windows and Mac that lets you track the frequently changing prices of products on Amazon. It’s a great concept, and tracking products with the app couldn’t be easier: once installed, monitoring a product is as easy as dragging and dropping it from Amazon to the app’s icon in the system tray. You’ll get a desktop notification when that product’s price drops, as well as the option to receive an email notification.

3) Price Grabber (Android & iPhone)

Price Grabber is a great app for comparing prices across thousands of different online retailers. It also lets you scan bar codes, so if you see a product on the shelf before Cyber Monday and want to compare its price in various online retailers, this app is perfect. You can save products for easy access on Cyber Monday. There are also a ton of search filters that will help you browse through products or find something specific, as well as top lists and merchant reviews. Another cool feature: Price Grabber gives you information about local deals in over 160 US metro areas!

4) idealo Price Comparison (Android & iPhone)

Similar to Price Grabber, idealo Price Comparison lets you compare the price of products across online retailers by searching product name, category or scanning the UPC code. Idealo has a huge database of over 14,000 online shops, and it lets you share your finds by emailing products to friends or family. One of the coolest features of this app is the price watcher, which lets you input the price you’d want to pay for a product (with or without shipping), giving you notifications when that product is available at that price.


Of course, if you like the excitement of in-store shopping during the holiday season, there are a few great Black Friday apps that will work for Cyber Monday deals too.

5) Black Friday App (Android & iPhone)

The most popular Black Friday App is back for another season. The Black Friday App gives you ads for all major retailers, taking you directly to the mobile web page so that you can make a purchase instantly. You can browse ads or search for specific products and compare prices across online retailers, which will save you plenty of time instead of searching for them individually. If you’ll be on the road during the holidays, it’ll also give you the location of the stores closest to you.

6) TGI Black Friday (Android & iPhone)

Similar to the Black Friday App, TGI Black Friday gives you all the ads before they are mailed out so that you can plan your shopping accordingly, create a shopping list, and send it to friends and family via Facebook, Twitter or Google+. The app will also send you push notifications when new ads are posted so you get news of the deals as soon as they are published. If you’re using this app, keep your eyes open for deals available before the big shopping weekend too.

7) Black Friday Survival Guide (Android & iPhone) is the go-to Black Friday website for anyone looking for the best deals on the craziest shopping day of the year, and the website and accompanying Black Friday Survival Guide apps include sales for online retailers on Cyber Monday too. It has a ‘Black Friday Sales News’ section to keep you informed about the hottest deals as soon as they come out, and with the mobile app, you’ll have all the breaking sale news right at your fingertips! This all-encompassing app is a great source for everything Black Friday/Cyber Monday related.

Whether you’ll be shopping in-store on Black Friday or online during Cyber Monday, these apps will definitely help you in your quest to find the best deals of the year!

Do you use apps to find great deals?

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