Discover the Universe from your PC

James Thornton


The UniverseIt sometimes seems that we’re getting ever further away from discovering the mysteries of the Universe. Now, some scientists reckon that there was life before the Big Bang, throwing doubt on the theory that this explosion marked the beginning of time. One boffin in Pennsylvania has even devised a theory of how we might be able to see back in time to before this momentus event.

If you’re curious to discover more about how the Universe was formed, you don’t need to be sat in a multi-trillion dollar space station to do so. There are several freeware and shareware astronomy apps that will help you peer into far reaches of space without even looking out of the window. AstroGrav is particularly useful for studying how astronomical objects move and examining the effects of the forces of gravity. Meanwhile, NASA World Wind acts as a kind-of Google Earth for outer space, providing you with the ability to navigate the cosmos through a responsive viewer. Likewise, Celestia gives you the power to travel through the solar system to one of over 100,000 stars. Just let us know if you discover how it all began if you find out on your travels.

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