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Every household needs a set of tools. You never know when you might need to tighten a screw or put up a shelf. With the right set of tools, you can do just about anything. The same goes for your computer. Your computer is a very capable machine, but it’s not perfect, and a digital toolkit helps you do more, faster, and without calling in an expert.

When your laptop screams “no!”, you normally have to scour the internet for a fix. Maybe you need to extract an archive in an obscure format, encrypt an important email, or recover lost data – whatever the reason, your machine’s native programs won’t always be enough, which is why a digital toolset can really come in handy.

One of our favourite digital toolkits is Ashampoo Zip Pro 2. Why? First, it bundles lots of useful software in one tidy package, so you don’t need to download multiple programs and litter your desktop with separate icons for every little task you throw at your machine. Everything works within your operating system, so you can perform tasks on your files with a right-click alone.

Second, Ashampoo Zip Pro 2 is one of the most powerful file managers we’ve tested. It compresses, archives, and extracts virtually any file system, including .zip, .rar, and .tar. Compression is increasingly common now we share so much data on a daily basis, and although most machines support .zip by default, other formats are gaining ground. Zip Pro 2 ensures you can work with any file, and even upload them to DropBox, Google Drive, or OneDrive with a single click.

Zip Pro 2 also comes with its own version of file explorer, including split-view (like the old Windows Explorer), file preview, and CD/DVD burning tools. Speaking of physical media, if you want to create more space in your home by recycling old CDs and DVDs, just copy them to your computer with Zip Pro 2 and run them on the virtual mount. It works exactly as if the disks were in the drive. And if your media is damaged, Zip Pro 2’s recovery tool will repair and restore damaged files so you don’t waste money or time downloading replacements.

No digital toolset would be complete without robust security, and Zip Pro 2 is as tough as nails. Securing your data with 256-bit encryption, the same used by the US government, ensures sensitive data is for your eyes only. Add Zip Pro 2 to Outlook or MS Office applications and you can compress, sign, and encrypt all your digital property, without ever leaving the application.

if Zip Pro 2 were a real box of tools, you probably couldn’t lift it off the floor. But while it’s heavy on features, Ashampoo Zip Pro 2 is light on price: you can download it today for just $14.99, down 50% off the retail price of $29.99. We think that’s a bargain, and while these tools won’t fix your kitchen sink, they’ll make your digital life so much easier.

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