Droidkit review: a reliable Android data recovery app

Droidkit review: a reliable Android data recovery app
Juliet Childers

Juliet Childers

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iMobie Inc., the publisher of the useful Droidkit program, recently updated the software to version 2.0. It features all kinds of new tools across its 8 offerings from data recovery to data management and more.

Let’s break down the key features of the program, what it costs, and see how the updated version compares.

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What is Droidkit?

Droidkit is a licensed data recovery program from iMobie Inc. for Android devices. It is helpful with data management and extraction, as well. The software runs on a freemium model with various tools valued at different prices.

How much does Droidkit cost?

While there is a free option, iMobie offers the program for a starting rate of $15.99 USD. However, in order to have access to the full suite of tools, users could spend up to $269.92 USD for a 1-year plan across 5 devices.

The company often offers discounts such as the full suite for as low as $80 USD for the same plan above that costs almost $300 USD. The cost really depends on which features you need for your device.

image of the Droidkit user interface

Key Droidkit features

Lost data recovery and data extraction

Retrieving lost data becomes a simpler task with Droidkit’s two modes: Quick and Deep Recovery Mode. For quick data recovery of specific sections, opt for Quick Recovery Mode. If you need a more thorough option, Deep Recovery Mode fully scans your device. However, it does require users to “root” their device first.

In order to prevent data loss, Droidkit enables users to easily extract file types to external storage backups including WiFi photos, WhatsApp messages, call logs, calendars, and more.

Lock screen removal and FRP lock bypass

Though lock screens keep your information safer, they can also be a pain if you forget your password or code. If you find yourself locked out of your device, Droidkit can remove any lock from passwords to PINs to fingerprints and facial recognition. This feature extends to Samsung, Huawei, Sony, and other major brand devices.

Bypassing FRP locks is only available on Samsung devices. However, Droidkit does allow users to bypass all Google FRP locks in order to reset it. Be sure to back up data before doing this as it can erase the device information.

Cleaning system junk

Data management is a daily task for most technology users. Whether they are documents, images, videos, or other file types, everyone is managing some kind of data. But sometimes, things pile up and waste precious storage space on your phone.

Droidkit addresses that with the “Clean System Junk” feature. It clears up duplicate files, cache files, shuts down background apps, and more.

System issues fixes, reinstalls, and upgrades

A black screen. An unexpected update. A battery that won’t charge. Error reports. Device freezing or boot loops. There are lots of problems that users can encounter with Android devices. Droidkit aims to address them quickly and easily with its “Fix System Issues” feature.

Users can also upgrade or reinstall their device OS with a few simple clicks, too. This can help with system slowdowns, system crashes, errors, black screens, or stuck devices.

image of the Droidkit logo and the version 2.0 program

Updates in 2.0

The latest update to Droidkit came earlier in 2022 bringing lots of new features including:

  • Italian language support
  • More intuitive and quicker screen unlocking
  • Data management for more Android data control for users to manage up to 13 types of data including messages, images, music, and more
  • Improved system fixing capabilities
  • FRP lock bypass for Android 11 and 12
image of a Samsung Galaxy S22 and the Droidkit logo

Verdict: a solid, reliable data recovery tool

If you have an Android device such as a smartphone or tablet with data loss, Droidkit offers a great option to recover that data. The 8 core offerings it has a range in utility and price, so you can customize the plan you need.

Users looking for more robust data management tools will not find them in Droidkit. But the 60-day money-back guarantee offers nice peace of mind for would-be users looking to move up from the free version.


  • Great all-around tool and device kit
  • Custom plans available
  • Lets you recover valuable files
  • Removes FRP locks and lock screen passwords
  • Allows for quick system fixes
  • 24/7 customer service
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Instant activation
  • Teacher and student discounts


  • Only for Android devices
  • Free version offers a more limited toolset
  • Can seem costly if you don’t fully utilize the toolset

Developer: iMobie Inc.

Publisher: iMobie Inc.

Top Features: Data recovery, lock screen reset, and system fixes

Platform Reviewed: Android Samsung Galaxy S20 phone

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