E3 2013: Gameloft’s mobile games lineup

E3 2013: Gameloft’s mobile games lineup

Gameloft is showing off six new mobile games at E3 2013 and we’re here to give you a sneak peak of each. Planned for release on iOS and Android, the six games feature their own unique gameplay style, atmosphere, and graphics. Are you ready to get your hands on Despicable Me: Minion Rush, Asphalt 8, Brothers in Arms 3, Total Conquest, Gangstar Vegas, and Modern Combat 5?


Despicable Me: Minion Rush

In anticipation of the feature film Despicable Me 2, the Universal Studios franchise makes it way to iOS and Android on June 13th. You take control of the tiny yellow Minions, the super-villain Gru’s bumbling henchmen. Gameplay is similar to Temple Run, a fast-pace charge through obstacles to collect a hoard of bananas. You’ll need to be responsive to jump and dodge through the many threats within each stage.


Minion Rush is designed with fans of Despicable Me in mind. The Minions are as wacky and crazy as in the movies, with the same gibbering speech and comedic lack of judgment. The settings are also taken from established locations, such as Gru’s laboratory and surrounding neighborhood. Movie antagonist Vector also returns in for challenging fights, and is paired with mysterious new villain created exclusively for Minion Rush.


Outside of the normal gameplay you can also customize your Minions with costumes, weaponry, and an array of power-ups. There are three additional bonus games to try out: rampage through locations as Mega Minion, fly through the sky on Gru’s high-speed rocket, and ride Fluffy Unicorn to collect bananas. Last, Minion Rush has social features allowing you to challenge friends, compare high scores, or simply taunt with custom Minions.

Asphalt 8


Asphalt 8 brings intense driving action to iOS and Android this July. You can take the driver’s seat of 47 licensed vehicles including Ferrari, Veneno, Lamborghini, Corvette, and more. New tracks range from Venice, Iceland, French Guiana, and the deserts of Nevada. These tracks aren’t always straightforward; the best way to win comes from discovering all the secret shortcuts throughout the course. These locations make use of Asphalt 8’s new physics engine, which turns crashes and impacts even more deadly. Those that don’t want to collide can instead use stunts and extreme speed to swiftly avoid track obstacles and enemy drivers.


New gameplay features include online matches to compete head-to-head against friends. You can customize matches, collect special badges upon victory, and reach the top of the leaderboards. If you can’t set up direct matches, there are also asynchronous races that allow you to challenge your friend’s best time trials. Other new modes include Infected survival, Drift Gate, and improved arcade racing. As you win more matches, you can share your racing progress with your Facebook network.

Brothers in Arms 3

A new spin-off in the long running Gearbox Software FPS series, Brothers in Arms 3 on iOS and Android take players to the heart of World War 2. Levels shown so far take place in the European theatre, our hero brandishing guns and knives to take on the vaguely German enemies (the Nazi Swastika has been removed, possibly for political correctness). If shooting isn’t your style, why not make use of heavier fire power such as grenades and giant tanks?


The game’s graphics are spectacular and really capture the setting of WW2. What we really want to know is if the story is contained in Europe, or if we will also return to the Pacific like Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front.

Total Conquest


Set in a cartoonish version of Rome, Total Conquest for iOS and Android is a strategy game that relies on your friends and social network to build a powerful Alliance. On your own you’ll construct a province with a unique city-state filled with walls, towers, gates, traps, and garrisoned troops. After training several of the ten unit types you can hone your strategies in the solo campaign or challenge other provinces online.


Invite your Facebook and Game Center friends to form powerful Alliances filled with reinforcements. With your combined might you can take down opposing Alliances, wage full scale wars, and gain special rewards.  Your victories will be recorded and displayed on Game Center’s leaderboards.

Gangstar Vegas


Gangstar Vegas is the sequel to Gangstar Rio, and this chapter in the crime action on iOS and Android expands the world by nearly nine times the size. The setting of Las Vegas is perfect for a crime game, filled with gambling, pay-per view brawls, and seedy strip clubs. The diverse city sprawls from the corrupt casino strip to the harsh deserts (Once again, we are going to see Asphalt 8 cars racing around).


There is closer attention to the word’s details, improved lighting and shaders, and full use of the powerful Havok physics engine. Driving looks and feels fantastic as you bank and skid requiring much more precocious if you want to avoid destroying your car. While the technology has improved, we are still waiting for more details about Gangstar Vegas’ story and cinematics.

Modern Combat 5

6-7-2013 3-44-55 PM

Information about Modern Combat 5 is sparse, but we do know that one level of the iOS/Android shooter will take use to the war torn streets of Venice (Maybe after an Asphalt 8 race?). While you’ll mostly be on foot looking down the sights of your assault rifle, segments will allow you to take the gunner’s set of a military chopper or enter a high speed boat chase.

6-7-2013 3-44-23 PM

Graphics look impressive with sharp lighting, blaring gun fire, and detailed enemies. The physics also appear to be improved, with terrain and scenery flying upon a bomb’s impact, or a corridor of windows shattering apart. Hopefully more information about gameplay, story, and additional locations will be released soon.

What’s next?

We’ve shown six great looking Gameloft mobile games, each with their own unique gameplay, settings, and art style. Among them are sequels and spin-offs to popular franchises, along with movie-tie ins. These are just the games Gameloft has previewed at E3 2013, but we suspect many more will be released throughout the year. Until then we’ll keep checking back to see the latest E3 2013 games coverage.

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