Eight apps that are so ridiculous, you won’t believe they exist

Eight apps that are so ridiculous, you won’t believe they exist

There are over 1.5 million apps currently listed on the Apple App Store, and a further 1.6 million available on Google Play. With the market truly saturated,  competition for innovative and ground-breaking creations is inevitably sky-high, and yet a few weird ones still manage to make it onto our devices.

We’ve put together eight of the most ridiculous and pointless apps that we (frankly),  can’t believe exist.


Interesting concept, yet we’re still not sure of its effectiveness. This app basically creates work-like sounds (typing, crumpling paper, mouse clicking, stapling etc) which can be programmed to play at certain frequencies while you enjoy a bit of shut-eye at your desk.

Tooth Fairy Calculator

An app which calculates the appropriate amount of money you should leave on behalf of the Tooth Fairy in exchange for your child’s teeth. The calculations are made based on international statistics for gender, ages and location.

Taxi Hold’em

An app that simply reads “TAXI” across the screen in order to grab the attention of passing cabs that may not have seen your hand waving frantically in the air. It comes with various display options, yet still doesn’t make up for the fact the sign will always be the same size as a phone. Please let us know if it works.

Super Sleep Sheep Counter

Surprisingly, this is one of many sheep counting apps made for helping you sleep. Help the sheep to cross the fence by gently lifting them over so they can also get some sleep. We’re not convinced it helps with insomnia, however if all fails, you’re sure to pass out with boredom at the very least.

Will you marry me?

Quite possibly the tackiest app out there, this is certainly no way to propose. The app presents a ring box which you (quite effectively) flip open to reveal a cheap-looking ring and the question “Will you marry me?” Whoever designed it had a sense of humor, as the “no” box is literally impossible to keep in one place!

Hold On

Possibly the worst game in the history of mobile gaming ever invented. The aim of the game is to see how long you can continuously keep your finger on the screen for. Oh those summer nights will fly by!

Pimple Popper
This app is pretty self-explanatory and requires you to squeeze the never-ending acne cycle of various characters before your time runs out. Gross, but pus free.

Drunk Dial NO!

Again, one of many similar apps, which stops you from making drunk phone calls to those you really shouldn’t be contacting when you’re at your most vulnerable. This app enables you to block numerous contacts for a certain number of hours. Ridiculous yes, but how many of us would have appreciated this at some point?!

Please let us know if you know of any more ridiculous apps!

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