If you’re someone who never seems to have enough time, forgets to do important things from time-to-time, or if you tend to get frustrated while using your PC, Ellp could really help you out!

The basic concept behind Ellp is task automation. Ellp easily automates the most common, time-consuming and important tasks on your device based on your personal preferences, so that you can spend more time on the things that matter most.


Harmonizing your PC with the Internet


Ellp is not the only automation tool out there. There’s; IFTTT, Zapier, and Microsoft Flow which are more or less in a similar league. But what makes Ellp really unique is the fact that it isn’t just a web-based tool. Once Ellp is installed on your device it has access to both, your device and web-based apps. It connects your hardware to software, and web-based platforms. Imagine automating apps and sites such as YouTube, Netflix or Skype to open every time you plug in your headphones.

Ellp can also automate more time-demanding tasks such as saving your tagged photos from Facebook directly to your PC in a preferred folder, or even having your Amazon or Facebook accounts automatically open each time you switch on your PC. You’ll see that with Ellp, you can enjoy a whole new world of automation possibilities.


Clean, attractive and simple to use


Ellp is designed around a simple card concept. Each card represents a rule that you set once to regulate your devices’ behavior. Activating automation is very simple, all you have to do is switch the activation toggle on or off. In most instances you can even personalize the rule to meet your particular needs. This could be choosing what time you’d like your PC to shut down at, selecting the folder you’d like your tagged photos saved to, deciding on a percentage threshold that you would like Ellp to alert you when your hard disk starts running out of space or which website you would like to automatically load every time you turn on your PC.



Once the rules have been set, the app will run quietly in the background. You’ll only ever ‘hear’ from Ellp when it needs to notify you about an event or activity that you’ve pre-set to perform a specific action.

Ellp is currently available for Windows users in a BETA version for free and can be downloaded here

Other operating systems such as Android and MacOS will be available in 2017.

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