eMule vs Limewire

eMule vs Limewire

Today we’re going to take a look at eMule and Limewire, two of the biggest free P2P filesharing programs around. We will compare them according to a certain amount of factors like version, network, downloading process, search function and extra features.

emule2.jpgFirst of all, let us remind you that both programs are at very different levels of development. While eMule is known to be one of the most popular P2P applications, it is still only at version 0.47c. Limewire is now 4.12 and offers a PRO (but not free) version with advanced features. However there are loads of moded versions of eMule, like MorphXT, Plus or Xtreme with different skins or performance enhancements.

Concerning networks, eMule and Limewire are in two different ball parks. eMule connects to the eDonkey and Kad networks while Limewire connects to Gnutella. These are probably the most popular around, and yield excellent results, whatever you may be looking for. When setting up Limewire, if your router is UPnP enabled it will automatically forward a port for you. This is because Limewire supports UPnP port mapping. With eMule you will have to choose and forward a port yourself.

How does each application handle downloads? Limewire offers “swarm” downloads, where you download from multiple hosts, ensuring a high bandwidth speed at all times. eMule has a “credit system” in place, where those users who uploaded the most will be promoted and enjoy better download rates.

limewire.jpgThe search function in both apps is very good, yet distinctly presented. With eMule, I like being able to select global searches because it returns much more results and gives access to a very large user base. In Limewire I like the simplicity of the search, where you can choose from video, image, audio or program. The “what’s new” button, which shows new files being exchanged, is something that I wish eMule had included.

Both programs have a chat function, where you can exchange words and suggestions with other users, yet with eMule you can create your own buddy list to stay in contact with certain other users. Limewire has a good embedded player to preview video and audio files before fully downloading, an essential function in most P2P applications nowadays. As of yet there is none and I have not heard of an embedded player to be included in eMule, though it does allow you to preview files with VLC.

There has to be a winner in this duel and we have decided for….Limewire! From the review of both apps we have found Limewire to carry more features to make the user’s experience more enjoyable. However eMule remains a top class P2P filesharing application, thanks to a huge network and a clever credit system for its best users.

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