Euro 2012: Five great soccer apps for Google Chrome

Euro 2012: Five great soccer apps for Google Chrome

If you’re a soccer fan that goes to work or school every day then no doubt you’re missing a lot of the Euro 2012 tournament.

After yesterday missing the only good thing about the England v France game (the goals) I decided to seek out some plug-ins and apps for Google Chrome to help me make sure I don’t miss any of the action again.

Simply click the title of the app to launch it in the Chrome web store then click the ‘Add to Chrome’ button to install it in the browser. You’ll then be able to launch the app from your Chrome start screen whenever you like.


This awesome Chrome app makes for a clear and simple way to see the latest news and scores from Euro 2012. It boasts a series of different panels for scores, news, videos and a ‘who will win’ section where you can take part in global polls on the outcome of the next matches.

Our favorite thing about the 365Scores app is its notifications feature. You can set the app to play a sound (a whistle or crowd noise, for example) when an event happens such as a goal, yellow card or red card. This means you won’t miss any of the action!

UEFA Euro 2012

The Carlsberg Euro 2012 Chrome application not only gives you an overview of the state of the tournament and the latest news, but it allows you to follow live text commentary of each match. Although there are no video highlights of matches, as you’ll find in 365Scores, the UEFA Euro 2012 app does have lots of player and coach interviews, along with clips of fans reaction around Poland and Ukraine.

Euro 2012 Score Censor – Anti-Spoiler Software

Here’s a solution to one of those age-old problems that all sports fans face at some point – trying to avoid finding out the result of a game before you can get home to watch the highlights. Euro 2012 Score Censor is a Google Chrome plug-in that blacks out any mention of the team you’re following on the internet.

It’s still in beta and at the moment it works a little too well: don’t expect to be able to browse pages about German shepherd dogs, French fries, or the Portuguese Man of War jellyfish while you’ve got the censor turned on.


ESPN is renowned for its great soccer coverage, and the broadcaster’s ESPN FC Euro 2012 web app is testament to that. It is chock full of news, stats and information about the tournament, including stadium guides, historical records and details of past championships. The best part of ESPN FC though is the GameCast, which delivers a live graphical representation of each match, including graphics showing tactical formations, shots, goals and a heat map.

Penalty Shootout 2012

Want a bit of fun in between Euro 2012 matches? Then install Penalty Shootout 2012 and get your own shot of glory. The game features the same 16 countries as the real tournament only this time every match is decided by a penalty shootout. Admittedly, it’s not the fairest way to win the European Championships, but it is way more excited than some of the dull, plodding games we’ve seen in the actual tournament so far.

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