Evernote Restructures Operations: U.S. Layoffs Signal European Expansion Strategy

Evernote Restructures Operations: U.S. Layoffs Signal European Expansion Strategy
Daniel García

Daniel García

The situation at Evernote is going through turbulent times. After the news of 129 layoffs in February, it has now been revealed that Evernote will be letting go of nearly all its teams in the United States and Chile to focus its operations in Europe.

This development isn’t surprising considering the recent acquisition of Evernote by the Italian tech company Bending Spoons. With a strong determination to prioritize the European market, Bending Spoons has made the decision to part ways with a majority of the employees in the U.S. and Chile, while assembling a smaller team in Europe. The main reason behind this move is the financial sustainability of Evernote.


Evernote’s bumpy road

Evernote has been a highly popular application in the last decade. During a time when content synchronization was still in its infancy, this application stood out. The ability to create notes that were accessible across multiple devices was a significant advancement, and although they were not the pioneers, they set a benchmark for the improvement of digital services.

However, we cannot rest on past success indefinitely. Evernote started to struggle against fierce competition and gradually lost a significant market share. Nowadays, there are numerous ways to enhance productivity, and the landscape has evolved significantly.

The market for productivity applications and services is highly competitive

Furthermore, controversial actions such as increasing their business pricing and past concerns about privacy placed the company in a challenging position. This led Evernote to be open to new buyers who could bring about a change in its business model.

Last November, the tech company Bending Spoons took over Evernote, resulting in the layoff of a significant number of employees in America. The plan is to establish a European office dedicated to Evernote’s services.

Today, Evernote faces fierce competition in a similar space, with rivals like Notion, Trello, Asana, and many others. They will need to work hard to regain their status as a leading application for productivity management and note synchronization.

Daniel García

Daniel García

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