Super Mario Bros. movie expectations: What we’re hoping for in the film adaptation

We are going to travel to the Mushroom Kingdom and we are not prepared

Super Mario Bros. movie expectations: What we’re hoping for in the film adaptation
Chema Carvajal Sarabia

Chema Carvajal Sarabia

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When Nintendo announced that a Super Mario Bros. animated movie was in the works, many of us were in awe. Playing Mario is complicated and doing it at the same level as the video game is a big deal.


For me, Mario Bros is everything. It is my favorite videogame saga and my first gamer memory. I remember being at home one Christmas in 1997 and opening a package with a Nintendo 64 and a Super Mario 64 inside.

That day I was born as a gamer and since then the Italian plumber has not left me, even though I have been turning years along the way and he is preserved in formaldehyde. Things of being a living entity, you have good things and bad things.

Today I ask myself, as a fan and as a journalist, what I expect from the Super Mario Bros. movie, and how Nintendo can convince and please the longtime fans and the new generations that are entering the Mushroom Kingdom for the first time.

Everything I look forward to seeing in Super Mario Bros: The Movie

An original story based on tradition: We have seen in all the trailers that the script of the movie is the same as in all the games. Bowser is the bad guy and Mario has to save the world.

Great, we don’t ask for anything else. Well yes, originality. We don’t want a video game adapted to the big screen, we want a new Mario adventure in a different format. That’s what would make me happy as a kid.

My only wish is that when I leave the cinema I will have experienced the same emotions I experience when a new Mario Bros. is released. That is, to know what I’m going for and, at the same time, to be surprised by the final result.

Everything indicates that the movie is going to be very original, respecting the characters and their canon stories, which is why I am very calm about it. Nintendo can’t afford another bad Mario movie.

A 21st century Princess Peach: You can call me woke, but I want to see Princess Peach take the leading role she deserves in the movie. While the games have done very little in this area, the movie could be the ideal place for it.

A Peach kicking a few asses and taking out a few more Koopa Troopa and Goombas would be great. No need for her to be the main character, she’s fine as a supporting actress… delivering.

Let them go deeper into Mario and Luigi’s relationship: they are the most famous plumber brothers in the world… and we know nothing about them. It’s true that this movie is action and seeks to entertain, but it would be great if they gave us details of their previous life.

A bit of family jokes or reference to their relationship would be great and would make the 7-year-old Chema with sisters who played a video game where the main characters were also brothers very happy.

No one left to go out: I want even the prompter to go out. Yoshi, Toad, Wario, Waluigi, Princess Daisy, etc. Unless a second movie is announced after the credits roll, fans should assume that there will only be one Super Mario movie.

That’s why for me, a fan of the saga, the appearance of all the possible characters we’ve seen over the past 40 years is so important. There is no need for them to have important roles, a small cameo and a wink to the games is enough for me.

A cameo by Charles Martinet: For those who don’t know, Charles Martinet is the original voice of Super Mario since 1992 when he voiced the mustachioed plumber in a Super Mario Bros. pinball game.

He has provided the voice for Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Toadsworth, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi in most of the video games where these characters speak (they don’t speak in all of them, as you well know).

For millions of gamers Martinet is the voice of Super Mario and it’s going to be a tough pill to swallow to hear Chris Pratt play the mustachioed hero. Luckily he has experience dubbing movies and we’re sure we’ll love the end result. But it won’t be the same.

A post-credits scene linking the movie to a new video game: Okay, this is very crazy and the fruit of a desperate imagination, but I’ve been waiting six years for Nintendo to release a Mario Bros game that isn’t a tennis or soccer game and I can’t take it anymore.

Like HBO Max and Sony did with The Last of Us series, hopefully Nintendo will take advantage of the movie’s hype to announce a new game that has some connection to the film and expands the story a bit.


It’s not going to happen because we know the Big N, but in this article I’m in charge and I have wishes to share… not to fulfill.

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