Everything you need to know about wallpapers

Everything you need to know about wallpapers

Wallpaper appsWallpapers are more than just the image you use as background for your Windows desktop. They often express your personality and current mood, as well as your particular interest in something: an animal, a movie, a famous singer or actress. Also, not all photographs are suitable to be used as wallpapers. They must have some blank areas to place shortcut icons without distorting the original design.

Here at Softonic you’ll find a good bunch of wallpapers, along with software tools that have been specifically designed for them. You can download individual wallpapers – like two of our current Top ranked, Adriana Lima and David Beckham – or packs of images, so that you have a wider choice. VistaMizer Windows Vista Wallpaper Pack is one of them.

If you haven’t found anything to suite your taste yet, then you should probably look for more wallpapers on the web. Fortunately there are apps that can do this job for you, like Webshots and Magentic, both of which offer complete wallpaper galleries organized by categories. Another option is Pic-a-POD, with which you can get the Picture of the Day from various websites.

Once you have a good, varied collection of wallpapers, it’s time to show them off. Download any of our wallpaper managers, such as Walyk Wallpaper Changer or Wallpaper Master Pro, which will take care of organizing wallpapers and automatically changing them for you.

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