Facebook Live: the app you’ve been waiting for has arrived on Android!

Facebook Live is the latest feature from Facebook the whole world seems to be going crazy for! It allows you to broadcast real-time videos and share them with friends, or, anybody! Having already been available on iOS in more than 30 countries, Facebook has now confirmed that it is available on Android!

The function will be up and running this week in the United States, and is expected to reach other countries shortly.

So, how does it work?

It works as if you were just updating your status, or uploading a photo, only this time it’ll be live and in motion! Facebook Live will be an extra option in your sharing box at the top of your homepage.

You can interact with your viewers in real time, and also allow them to react and comment on your broadcast throughout the transmission. One thing’s for sure – this is going to get addictive.

If you’re reading in the US, you can immediately begin to play with this option and start having some fun. If you’re not in the US, be patient – it’ll no doubt be here soon!

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