Six alternatives to Paper by Facebook

Six alternatives to Paper by Facebook

Facebook just launched Paper, its version of a news aggregator similar to Flipboard, Pulse or Feedly. Paper, the newest project from Mark Zuckerberg and company, takes the form of a digital magazine, incorporating articles from various sources into a news feed on a social network interface specifically designed for mobile platforms.

With Google Reader now only a distant memory, the newest Facebook service has high standards in an already jam-packed sector, one which is filled with other digital applications that are just as determined to change the way we read the news. And, given the fact that it’s only currently available in the US and on iOS, these alternatives already have a leg up for some users. Here, we go through 6 alternatives that’ll either hold you over until Paper reaches all mobile platforms, or emerge as a better replacement.

Pulse (iOS, Android)

PulsePulse is a customizable digital magazine that presents your news feed in the form of interactive mosaics made up of dynamic flux tiles. Distinguished and equipped with a n easy-to-use interface, Pulse is one of the most beautiful aggregators currently on the market.

Google Currents (iOS, Android)

Google CurrentsGoogle Currents is a news reader that gathers your favorites in an elegant interactive journal specifically adapted for viewing on smartphones and tablets. The application allows Google to discover new sources via thematic lists, all in a clear, uncluttered interface with a comfortable reading experience.

Flipboard (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows)

FlipBoardLike Paper, Flipboard combines social networks and articles from your favorite websites to highlight the content you like. Its secret? An elegant interface designed for touch screens. It’s the ideal solution to transform your tablet into a fully personalized digital magazine.

Feedly (iOS, Android, Web)

FeedlyFeedly is halfway between an RSS reader and a digital magazine. This application allows you to find interesting articles through a powerful search engine and a stylish, comfortable interface. Available on almost every platform imaginable, Feedly invites you to follow the news in the best possible conditions, wherever you are.

Yahoo News Digest (iOS)

Yahoo News DigestOnly currently available in the US, Yahoo News Digest makes your life easier by sending you 2 daily news summaries. Thanks to an editorial selection by Yahoo! and aggregation of content from multiple sources on the web, the application can scan all essential topics with ease. Another trick? The maps, videos and excerpts from Wikipedia provide welcome additional information.

Circa News (iOS, Android)

Circa NewsSimilar to Yahoo News Digest in many ways, Circa News provides a summary of news in a format that’s easy to read on mobile platforms. Each day, the editorial board of the application analyzes the information available to provide you with comprehensive summaries of the most important events of the day. The icing on the cake is that Circa News can even subscribe to certain articles so that you can follow their development in real time.

If you don’t have an iPhone, or just can’t access Paper from your location, you’ll have to wait a bit longer to use Facebook’s newest mobile feature. The jury is still deciding on the usefulness of Paper, but in the meantime, you can try one of the great established alternatives mentioned above.

Will you wait for Paper, or use one of the alternatives?

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