Facebook wants to be like Twitter but Better

Facebook has recently added a load of Snapchat like features to its already considerable arsenal. Augmented Reality is due to be the next big thing, however, so you can almost forgive them for wanting to get in on the action. I’m not sure that you can be so forgiving about the latest feature Facebook haveve stolen off a rival.

When you think of Twitter you think of Tweeting. Send short and concise messages that are 140 characters or less. Well guess what. Facebook’s newest feature only works with posts of 130 characters or less. I mean can you believe the cheek of Facebook.

Facebook wants to be like Twitter but Better

You may have seen the little colored circles appearing when you make a new post. These allow you to give your post a big bold background in the color of your choosing. This option is only available, however, if your post is, you guessed it, 130 characters or less.

Does this mean Facebook are trying to usurp Twitter as an outlet for breaking news direct from frontline journalists or is this just a cool new way to tell the world about that promotion you got in work or that new house you’ve just got the keys to?

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