Farming Simulator 16 is making magic from manure, and its our App of the Week

Farming Simulator 16 is making magic from manure, and its our App of the Week

Working a full day in the fields doesn’t sound like that much fun, but we have just discovered that Farming Simulator 16 (iOS|Android) adds some Zen tranquility to the task.

In Farming Simulator 16 your goal is to manage your farm. That means both tending its daily task such as fields, crops, and livestock, while also overseeing it finances.

You start with a handful of essential tools and land, but over time you must expand this. Purchasing additional land and machinery will improve your efficiency and profits, allowing you to further expand. With 50 vehicles and tools to purchase – including tractors and trailers – it takes a while to full equip your countryside cartel.

Balancing your time between selecting your crop rotation to match market demands, and actually sowing your fields, reaping the harvest, and delivering them in a timely manner keeps you incredibly busy.

If it all gets to be a bit much you can call on a friend to help with the local multiplayer option (allowing two devices to connect over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi), or employ a farmhand with a tap of the screen – providing you have the cash to pay.

Despite how much you have to manage though, there is something in this mix is quite relaxing. Whether it is the calming pace off the machines you drive, the fact you have time to consider your choices, or just that you feel like you are just spending some time in the countryside Farming Simulator 16 is enjoyably mellow and in-depth.

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