Find the best activity trackers: get in shape and have fun

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Nothing replaces hard work when you are trying to get fit. But there are activity trackers for Android and iOS to help you improve and provide feedback – if you have the dedication.

Don’t let anybody tell you any different, getting in shape is a challenge – but fortunately there are lots of apps to help you. From apps that track your calorie intake and offer words of encouragement as the lbs slowly melt away, to activity trackers that pester you to exercise regularly, there is bound to be an option out there that can work for you. These five apps offer a range of options for all fitness and activity levels, find the best one to suit your needs.

Noom |

Find the best activity trackers: get in shape and have fun

MyFitnessPal |

Fitivity |

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1. Noom

A flexible, approachable, and friendly app and service for diet and activity tracking

it works

Noom is a light and cheery app that is perfect for people looking for an easy way to start tracking activity and diet. With a focus on weight-loss, the app and online service offer advice and encouragement. It’s wealth of options also make it easy to find whatever you are trying to log. A subscription model is available to get more tailored advice.

Though it is a great place to start, Noom is not the best choice for more experienced fitness fans: crowd sourced calorie information is not always accurate and some deeper options (like water consumption) are lacking.


Full tracking service

Lots of different tracking options

Simple for beginners


Some calorie database entries are wrong

Light on exercise tracking

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2. MyFitnessPal

A more comprehensive life and activity tracker

Get in shape

Offering a slightly more complex experience to Noom, MyFitnessPal takes a little longer to learn and become familiar with. However, once you are versed in its various function and it knows your regular activities, it provides a more complete experience. The sheer volume of options can be overwhelming, and not always brilliant, but again putting in the effort is eventually rewarded with more refined searches.

Two definite advantages of MyFitnessPal are deeper exercise tracking elements – including individual weight training activities to help you with routines – and a water tracker to ensure you are hydrating properly.


Water tracking

Deep activity tracking

Clear breakdown of activities


Overwhelming at times

Volume of options can make searches complicated

Interface is more fiddly than competition

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Windows Phone

3. Fitivity

Bodyweight focused training routines to take you from pushover to powerhouse

feel the bern

Fitivity offer loads of training options split over different difficulties and activity types. If you are a traveling, and have limited access to equipment, then its Home Bodyweight Program is brilliant. Once you find an appropriate level, you can use its routines to get a good training in your hotel room or the park. There are also videos on hand for each exercise to ensure you know the correct form.

Using your own body’s weight for resistance, Fitivity offers a training you can do almost anywhere. Its routines cover your entire body, and slowly increase in difficulty as you move through the weeks and levels.


Multiple training types for different circumstances

Videos for correct form

Good progression through levels and routines

Audio helps with each routine and exercise


On small screens you can’t follows video as you practice an exercise

No in-app timer to aid routines

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4. Zombies, Run!

A more engaging way to train for running

Getting ready for the end

If you are looking for a way to spice up you run, then you nee Zombies, Run! The premise is simple, as you run the app tracks your progress and at set distances it will activate a radio play. This story casts you as a runner in the zombie apocalypse, and provides you with advice and encouragement from a local camp of survivors over a walkie-talkie. It can even track via either GPS or internal accelerometer – while the later is not as accurate it does allow for tracking on treadmills.

Serious runners may find the story unnecessary and casual runners may struggle with the distance, but people looking for a way to spice up their run will enjoy the gamification Zombies, Run! offers.


Gameifies running

Nice audio performances

Track activity on a treadmill


Some random events are almost impossible

Can take time to manually calibrate accelerometer

Long distances for those starting out

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5. Runtastic – all of them

The most complete activity tracking service’s running app

leg it!

One of the most popular and well known activity trackers, the basic Runtastic app offers a great way to track your run. It’s GPS mapping allows it to accurately track your route including element’s like elevation which can impact your workout. Combine this with its timer, split-time counter, music player, plus other extras, and this app offers a comprehensive way to enjoy and record your sessions.

However, Runtastic’s greatest asset is not the app itself but the full Runtastic service it is attached to. This allows you to login and connect your training across its full range of apps (including – but in no way limited to – Runtastic Road Bike, Runtastic Push-ups, and Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout) to get an overview of all your activity.


Load of metrics for every run

Lots of options for tracking

Fantastic GPS activity tracking for your runs

Part of a huge collection of apps that link to Runtastic’s service


Calories estimations skew low

Free version’s limitations are regularly exposed

No use on a treadmill

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Windows Phone

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